This is how Barça’s options remain to go to the second round

With the 0-0 yielded against him Benfica, the Barça He did not meet his goal with one round to go and he will have to wait until the last round to seal his pass for the round of 16 of the Champions League for the 17th consecutive season.

The Catalans continue to beat the team by two points (7-5) Benfica but the Portuguese will qualify if they win at Dynamo Kyiv (nothing is played and it is already eliminated from everything) in Lisboa Wednesday, December 8 (9 p.m.) and Barça it does not in Munich before him Bayern.

The tie in Bavaria would only serve the Catalans if the Benfica does not expire. That is, if the Portuguese win and the Barça, this will be bounced at 1/16 of the end of the Europa League and he would face a second in the group of said tournament. Now, everything that is not a Portuguese victory classifies Barça.

“There is another bullet left”


Even if it happens, the Barça would be second and would play the round of eighth away from home, like last year, when he threw the PSG. The draw will take place on Monday, December 13 in Nyon (12 noon).

This is how Barça's options remain to go to the second round

Gerard Piqué spoke after the Champions League game against Benfiva. Barça depends on itself to qualify and go to the second round.

Not having obtained the ticket, the Barça 9.6 ‘kilos’ is still unsecured, plus the collection of the first leg of the round of 16. One more concern for the coffers of the Barça club, whose budget contemplates reaching the quarterfinals. Exceeding the hypothetical eighths would equal 10.6 million more loot.


1. Bayern, 15

2. Barça, 7

3. Benfica, 5

4. Dynamo Kyiv, 1

This is how Barça's options remain to go to the second round

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