This is how car insurance works in the event of an earthquake

When we think about car insurance coverage, it is common to focus first on theft, collision or various accidents, but Do you know if your vehicle is protected against natural disasters?.

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In the last week there have been at least two earthquakes in the Lima region, and despite the fact that it was thought that the Peruvian Seismic Alert System would be activated, said alarm did not work.

Below we explain some data and details that you should take into account in this type of eventuality. On behalf of the company Pacífico Seguros, this is the ABC of Pacífico Insurance:

During the earthquake, it is possible that there may be landslides of roofs, walls, lighting poles, trees, among others, which can cause scratches, dents or broken glass on your vehicleand even traffic accidents can happen due to the confusion of the situation.

In any of the aforementioned situations, if you have insurance you can be protected, depending on the chosen plan.

“It is important to know the plan that we have contracted and the uses that we can give it. Those with full coverage are the most complete that the market offers and will support you in the event of an earthquake or a car accident,” explains Renzo Zapata, manager of Pacific Vehicle Business.

said plans include the ambulance service for the injured, covers the medical expenses of your companions and yours Vehicle Assistance (locksmith, fuel supply, battery discharge or car damage) and tow truck service for moving the vehicle if it lacks autonomy by then.

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It is important to remember that if you want to activate the insurance or if you have doubts about your coverage and need to review your policies, communication can be established with the Emergency Center or the website of the insurer.

other insurance

If your house or apartment was affected by the earthquake and you have insurance, remember that you can activate it in the event of detachment or cracking of the walls, broken glass, if your property (appliances, furniture) was damaged during the earthquake or if the facilities were broken sanitary or pipes and a flood was generated.

Depending on your plan, you can count on assistance services in an emergency, be it a plumber, electrician, glazier, locksmith or if you require telephone medical advice.

But if you are an entrepreneur and it was the infrastructure of your commercial premises that suffered damage or the merchandise, machinery or furniture, you can use your insurance. In addition, in the case of Pacífico, it provides assistance if you need services such as a plumber, electrician, glazier and locksmith to contain damage, 24 hours a day.