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This is how cybercriminals steal an Instagram account

by archyw

Cybercriminals mainly go to social networks to steal the passwords of our accounts with the intention of impersonating us or stealing personal data, so we could say that the Internet is a dangerous world that we should not trust so much.

Instagram It is a jewel of great value for the ‘bad’ of the network, since the influencers They have millions of followers and can often earn money from offers made by brands or through affiliate marketing. But what does this mean for cybercriminals? If you steal their account from a celebrity, they surely have a lot to lose.

To attract ‘prey’, scammers often have several tactics to steal an Instagram account, some of them are the following:

  • They often disguise their accounts as technical support profiles.
  • They copy the identity of a friend of the victim’s owner.
  • They use phishing emails.

The content of the messages states that the owner of the account has committed a violation of copyright and that his profile will be deleted if the user does not verify his account through a form that is included. This URL that goes in the message leads to a site of phishing that mimics the official Instagram user interface. If the affected person surrenders their credentials, the cybercriminals will proceed to change the passwords of the account so that the owner cannot access it.

Avoid these negotiations to get your account back

With the use of Artificial Intelligence a voice can be cloned.

If you think that this group of criminals was going to stay calm with the theft of accounts, you are wrong. While performing the above actions, They talk to those affected so that they can be given the possibility of recovering their profiles by paying in Bitcoin, prepaid cards or vouchers.

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If you are one of the victims, It is recommended that you report the situation to not enter any amount of money, because they will not return the account if you pay the requested amount, since they will ask you for more payments so that they win.

Follow these recommendations to get your profile stolen

Set up with two-factor or multi-factor authentication to prevent them from accessing your account even though they have your account password. What’s more, it is recommended not to open the links that they send unknown sources in emails (these URLs can lead to phishing sites) and employ solutions to add layers of security that detect malicious pages.

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