This is how financing works with the experts at KVB

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KVB Finanz informs: This is how financing works with the experts at KVB

Money is a very sensitive topic for many people. No wonder, after all, nobody wants to give away their money due to wrong decisions or fall for dubious providers when it comes to financial matters.

In addition, current developments such as high inflation, rising construction and energy prices or the increase in the key interest rate by the European Central Bank (ECB) can cause uncertainty among consumers. Especially when it comes to taking out a loan. Against this background, the need for security and the desire for a trustworthy contact person on the subject of finance is understandable. For more than 45 years, the KVB Finanz team has known the concerns and needs of consumers and has answered the most pressing questions about financing projects, be it debt restructuring, real estate or installment loans. The family business relies on complete transparency and a trustworthy appearance in order to find the right financing solution for every customer and their individual requirements.

These are the hobbies of KVB Finanz

KVB Finanz is the right contact when it comes to financing your own four walls, a cheap loan to fulfill personal wishes or debt restructuring. As one of the market-leading financial service providers, KVB has specialized in a few central areas and products. One of her hobbies is the complex topic of construction financing, starting with renovation and modernization loans through to house financing. In addition, KVB Finanz offers its customers a broad portfolio of loans such as installment loans, earmarked loans for vehicle and housing financing or loans for certain groups of people such as pensioners or civil servants.

The basis for the success of any service is a functioning relationship of trust between customers and employees of KVB. For this reason, every financial project is based on working with a personal contact. This partnership often lasts for many years, since the employees of KVB Finanz can also be contacted by the customer after the financing. Over time, many customers also want support with further financing projects or other important financial questions that affect loans taken out or the financial market in general. For example, the rising inflation rate, which reached a record high of 10.4 percent in October 2022, is currently causing uncertainty among borrowers. Enormous price jumps for consumer goods and services, higher construction and energy costs, but also rising interest rates on loans, such as loans with variable interest rates, raise many questions and may represent an additional financial burden for consumers. It is all the more important to know the individual financial situation and the possible concerns of borrowers and to take them seriously.

The credit professionals at KVB-Finanz have extensive expertise and a close look at market developments and interest rate levels in order to take possible changes into account. In addition, thanks to the cooperation with around 70 banks, they can identify many loans on particularly favorable terms. In this way, customers not only save the high effort involved in researching a suitable financing solution, but also save money. The search for the optimal financial product does not follow a predetermined scheme, but takes into account the personal circumstances, individual financial requirements and wishes of the customer.

Financing process with KVB Finanz

The cornerstone of the service provided by KVB Finanz is the intensive exchange between customers and financial experts. In order to create a basis of trust, the first personal meeting takes place free of charge and without obligation. As with all services in the financial sector, the focus at the beginning is the analysis of the financial and personal initial situation. If, for example, debt restructuring is desired, the first thing to do is to check current loans, including conditions, repayment terms and interest rates. This requires that potential borrowers submit all relevant documents so that the financial professionals can get a full overview.

In concrete terms, the review of the financial situation is about carefully determining and comparing income and expenditure. Possible savings are also included in the analysis. This is the only way to ensure that the installments for repaying a loan do not exceed the customer’s financial possibilities and that they can pay them off over the agreed period of time. In principle, KVB Finanz presents its borrowers with all information in a transparent manner and is available to answer questions, so that they are comprehensively informed at all times and can make decisions.

Once the financial framework has been set, the financial experts at KVB Finanz start comparing different loan options. This step takes a lot of time and requires in-depth knowledge of the industry, which is why it represents a major hurdle for private individuals. As a credit broker, KVB Finanz is not tied to the offers of a specific credit institution, but can act across banks. Doing your own research is also not recommended for the following reason: If private individuals make specific loan inquiries, including information about possible installment plans, to different banks, this can have a negative effect on their Schufa entries. The KVB Finanz team, on the other hand, receives information that is neutral to the credit bureau.

KVB Finanz then views all incoming offers and makes a pre-selection. If there are several loan offers, the customer only has to choose one. Here, too, the financial experts are there to support you and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.

KVB Finanz fulfills customer requirements thanks to tailor-made financing solutions

“Individually tailored solutions that fit exactly to the wishes and needs of the borrower and the targeted discussion of financing offers have top priority,” says Marc Kloetzel, authorized signatory and head of sales at KVB Finanz, summarizing the company’s goals and competencies. In order to meet this requirement, around 240 experts work in 14 branches throughout Germany. In the case of particularly urgent financial questions, express appointments are even possible within 24 hours of contact.

The family business from Limburg not only supports the financing needs of families and couples. Thanks to its decades of experience, KVB Finanz is also familiar with the challenges and problems faced by pensioners or single people when it comes to lending. But here, too, the KVB team, thanks to well-founded expertise and negotiating skills, finds a suitable financial product with an individually tailored loan amount, term and repayment installment.

The financial market is often opaque, especially for laypeople, so that private individuals usually do not deal with their financial product any further after taking out a loan. Working with KVB Finanz offers a decisive advantage here: The professional team is always informed about current developments and knows, for example, the right time to reschedule older loans. The aim is to always be able to offer borrowers the right product at top conditions from a wide range and to support them in fulfilling their wishes and dreams and, last but not least, to save money.

About KVB Finanz GmbH

Since it was founded more than 45 years ago, the Kloetzel family and KVB Finanz have primarily stood for finding the best financing concepts, individually tailored to the needs of their customers. For the traditional family business, their customers and personal contact with them are the absolute focus. Fair conditions, professionalism and a sense of responsibility are the top maxims. From families for families, KVB Finanz always thinks and acts in terms of generations.

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