This is how fitness studios prevail against the competition

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Daniel Neumann and Daniel Erpenbach are the managing directors of en consulting GmbH. With their management consultancy, the two experts in fitness and marketing support fitness studios in recruiting new members. Here’s how gyms are stacking up against the competition today.

The fitness industry is getting tighter and the market is constantly growing. The operators of the studios compete for the members and many already know that it doesn’t depend on the walk-in customers, because marketing takes place on the Internet. However, it becomes difficult when online marketing degenerates into an end in itself. Because it is not important to generate leads, but to bind wealthy members to your own studio in the long term. Daniel Neumann and Daniel Erpenbach, who run fitness studios themselves, therefore start with their strategies where other marketing agencies stop. “Online marketing is the first but not the most important step on the way to becoming the market leader,” explains Daniel Neumann. The managing directors of en consulting GmbH come directly from practice and know exactly where the pain in the industry lies. Interested parties do not have to be entertained online, they have to be converted into customers who want to book long-term memberships and benefit from extra services. The experts have summarized in five steps how fitness studios can assert themselves against their competitors.

Step 1: Place paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram

With the right strategy, every euro invested in advertising returns six to eightfold. In order to become the market leader in the region, there is no way around paid advertising. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are particularly suitable for this. Anyone who draws attention to themselves and publicizes their services will soon achieve predictable success.

Step 2: Use the homepage as a lead magnet

It is just as essential to develop your own website into a lead magnet. Many operators make the mistake of putting themselves at the center of their website, but the focus must always be on the customer! Visitors to the website must be able to grasp within a few seconds that they can achieve a very specific goal through membership. In order to convey one’s own expertise to the outside world, it is therefore important to inform the interested party exactly what problem they can solve when they book an appointment and how they can be helped.

Step 3: Increase the quality of the appointments

The third important building block on the way to becoming the market leader is a very clear filter process. To do this, a barrier must be installed behind the paid advertising on social media. This means that not every interested party who registers online is also invited to an appointment at the club. Instead, prospects should be filtered in advance to find out who really is the ideal customer. Does the prospect have a problem that can be solved? Can you help him to achieve his goal? Can he even afford the offer? This approach prevents employees from wasting time with prospects that are ultimately not relevant to them. Filtering increases the quality of appointments extremely and the number of deals increases drastically.

Step 4: Create a structured sales process

Successful online marketing must be followed by a clearly structured on-site sales process. It’s not about designing each deal individually, but structuring your sales according to a clear process. Of course, the problems and situations of the customers are always individual, but the advice should still follow the same rules. Ultimately, only those who implement a structured sales process have the opportunity to determine key figures and to check the extent to which they are met by their own employees. This makes it possible to uncover the need for optimization and identify which employees need support in order to improve their completion rates. With additional services such as personal training or nutritional advice, sales per capita can also be increased. This can be reinvested in paid advertising to reach more prospects and continue to grow.

Step 5: Optimize customer outcome

Ultimately, it is also important to optimize the customer results. This point is all too often forgotten, but it is of vital importance in starting the cycle of growth. Customer satisfaction is the basis for a long membership. The customers must therefore achieve successes within six to twelve months, which they then also communicate to the outside world. After all, satisfied customers not only remain members for a long time, they also inspire friends and acquaintances to visit the gym. If these five steps are repeated consistently, fitness studios can soon establish themselves as market leaders.

Do you run a fitness studio and want to become the market leader in your region? Do you want to take your online marketing to a new level and win new members? Contact Daniel Neumann and Daniel Erpenbach ( and make an appointment!

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