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This morning of Thursday, November 25, Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has given the green light for Catalonia impose the covid certificate to the internal spaces of restaurants, bares and gyms. Until now the certificate was only needed for the nightlife and plane travel, but the spike in infections caused the Generalitat ask that the certificate be propagated to other activities.


The Generalitat de Catalunya has approved today that the Covid certificate will be mandatory for restaurants, gyms and residences from this next Friday.

We recall that the measure was approved last Tuesday by the Executive Council of the Generalitat, as recommended by the Scientific Advisory Committee. Below we analyze some Doubts that may appear with regard to the implantation of this certificate in our day to day.

Where and how can you get the covid certificate?

If we reside in Catalonia we must go to the web My Health, or, on the other hand, in the application available for iOS or Android. From here, we can download us our personal certificate, which can be printed or always carried with us on your mobile.

Requirements to download the certificate

There are today a total of four cases to achieve a valid covid pass. The first is to have completed the complete vaccination schedule, either with two vaccines of Pfizer, Modern O Atrageneca or one of the brand Janssen. Once we have received the second dose, the certificate will be available in a matter of days.

The second case is to incorporate the result negative of a test of PCR. In this situation, the certificate will only have one validity of 72 hours. The third option is to incorporate a antigen test, despite the fact that the validity changes and will only last 48 hours. The last option that allows us to have the covid certificate is to have overcome the disease in the last six months.

How will bars, restaurants and gyms verify the validity of the certificate?

The Generalitat has launched a new website, the Verificacovid, where you can scan a QR code of all countries with any mobile O tablet. You only have to enter the web and give permission to access the camera. Once i am scanned, the website itself will inform us if the pass is correct or not. Any user You can access this website, and we can check the pass before going to restaurant, Gym or to home.

Do I have to bring the printed document so it can be scanned?

No it is required take it from form business. It can be carried on paper if we wish, but having a PDF on the mobile is also just as valid. The web of Verificacovid allows us to scan the QR in both ways.


The covid certificate, mandatory to carry out some activities

Is there any resource to the covid pass to enter the premises that the measure affects?

There is no choice in this regard, since this document can know if the person is vaccinated, if a PCR or a antigen test and has tested negative, or if you have recovered from a contagion by coronavirus.

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