This is how Prince Charles actually felt after the death of Princess Diana

The royal family, especially the older generation, is not famous for expressing their feelings in public, but Diana’s death marked a turning point, as Matt Robins, producer of the 6-part Diana documentary series running on CNN, confirms in an interview with US Weekly. . According to the expert, this period was particularly burdensome Prince Charles mainly because of the public and the decisions surrounding the funeral. Such was the case, for example, with the much-criticized decision that both then-15-year-old William and 12-year-old Prince Harry should have attended their mother’s mourning procession.

Prince Harry voiced a few years ago how much he was offended for putting him in such a situation:

“My mother had just died and I had to walk a long time behind her coffin while thousands of people were standing around me and millions were watching via TV. I don’t think a child should be asked for that under any circumstances. I don’t think that could happen today. “

However, Matt Robins sees that there was simply no good decision on the part of Prince Charles in that situation: “A lot of people have been criticized for the fact that his sons were walking there beside him in the procession of mourning, but how many of us would make perfect decisions if the eyes of the whole world were toward us?” Robins asks, then states that the royal family probably understood the level of emotional attachment to them after Diana’s death.


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