This is how Salvador Ramos’ house was left, after his grandmother was tied up in Texas

The day after his 18th birthday, Salvador Ramos, from the small town of Uvalde, Texas, bought his first assault rifle. A week later, he entered a local elementary school, where he shot and killed his grandmother, killed 19 children and two of their teachers.

Authorities are still trying to determine what led Ramos to commit the worst school shooting in the United States in a decade. The young man, a high school dropout with no criminal record, posted three messages on Tuesday morning. Facebook announcing its plans, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said at a press conference.

In the first he warned that he was going to shoot his grandmother, with whom he lived. The official said that Ramos wounded the 66-year-old woman in the face, but as she was able, she managed to call the police and She was airlifted to a hospital where she is recovering satisfactorily.

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In the midst of the commotion that these events aroused, curiously it was his grandfather who opened the doors of his house where the attack on his wife was committed, to show the traces left in the house of what happened.

In the recording, published by freelance journalist Ali Bradley, Roland Reyes, grandfather of Salvador Ramos, explains in detail how the property turned out. Even with a broken voice, he gives a confession that left Internet users shocked: “There is blood everywhere, I have to clean.”

Finally, the journalist interviewed the man who, disconsolate, could only ask one question about the fate of the massacre that his own grandson carried out: “Why God, why do these things happen? Why do you allow these things to happen?

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