This is how tennis fires Juan Martín del Potro

There is no better farewell than receiving all the love from those with whom you shared so many moments. that should think Juan Martin del Potrothe Tower of Tandil, which during the early hours of yesterday shelved professional tennis, or at least momentarily. The Argentine closed his career with an emotional night, in which his result, a defeat against his partner and friend Fede Delbonis, it was the least of it. In the hours after a magical night, the man from Tandil has received the support and affection of the entire world of tennis, including the recognition of his colleagues, who have supported him through social networks with all kinds of messages. It was also time, however, for many of them to reflect more deeply, in front of the cameras, on the figure of the Argentine. The ATP has brought together names like Andy Murray, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga The Stefanos Tsitsipas to talk about a guy who has left a deep mark on his friends and colleagues. He is not wasted.


“Honestly, it’s my favorite player of all time with Roger Federer. I grew up watching him play and I love his style, his game in general. I feel that he has given everything for tennis, it is very sad to see him like this and I really feel sorry for him. Without a doubt he is going to be someone I will remember for a very long time because he marked my path when I was a child. “


“It is clear that he has been suffering for quite some time. I know what it’s like to be in that position, a position where you see that you are left with no options, no ways to try to recover and try again. It’s a sad thing, he’s had a lot of problems throughout his career. He has always been competing against the best, he has always been someone very dangerous for the best. As a player, he had a strength that very few on tour have had. His right hand was a brutal blow. He was a very smart player, and that’s something that I think is not talked about too much because his game always had a lot of power. However, when he had problems with his wrist, he was able to adapt all of his tennis and use the slice backhand a lot, and with all of that, he was still really competitive against the best in the world. He is very popular all over the world, people love to watch him play and I just hope he can be okay and get the send off he deserves. It’s very sad, for sure.”


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“He is going to leave an impressive legacy for South America. He has done a lot for tennis, not only there, but also beyond that continent. He has been one of those players who is really capable of winning the Big Four. I think he has brought a lot of joy to fans, because he was a special player, different. Hopefully he can recover and that he can do a lot of things outside of tennis.”


“I’ve had the chance to train with him once or twice and I fell in love with his forehand, the way he hits his forehand, it’s amazing. He had a really hard time with injuries recently and it’s really hard to come back. and finding yourself with another injury, it must have been really tough times for him. Everything he has achieved, his presence, his energy… everybody likes him, everybody supports him. A great player and a great person.” .