This is how the BFU Congress will be decided by … 65 delegates

Photo: Emona Tsoncheva //

Lawyer Georgi Gradev came up with a curious theory, according to which 65 delegates will determine the outcome of the extraordinary congress of BFU, which will determine the new president of the Bulgarian Football Union.

At the beginning of the congress, when the possible participation of an independent lawyer in the secretariat had to be voted on, 212 voted in favor of this lawyer, 203 were against and 65 abstained from a total of 480 delegates. 473 delegates, as far as I understand from sociology, this means parity, and the Congress will be decided by the 65 delegates who abstained and will have to decide in whose favor the vote will go.

We will be careful to the last. The commissions have so far been sham, which have met so far. The congress is led by Kamen Kostadinov in the way an apparatchik would lead it, “Gradev said. what did Berbatov do in the National Palace of Culture to “change” the rules and “set fire” to the “audience”?

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