This is how the implementation of the Corona 3G rule works in Freiburg – SWR Aktuell

Vaccinated, recovered, tested: the 3G rule is intended to ensure that fewer people are infected with the corona virus. But how does the implementation look like? Is the evidence checked?

Daily routine in the “Goldener Anker” tavern in Freiburg: Volker Schneider pulls the blinds up. The landlord places a stand in front of the door. It has all the corona rules that guests must observe – including the 3G rule. That is simply part of it in these times. Schneider finds it right, also to protect his employees. Controlling them is not always easy, however, he says.

The radio report to listen to

When making a reservation, Volker Schneider tells his guests that they have to prove that they have been tested, vaccinated or recovered. If you don’t bring a certificate, you have to stay outside. The problem: not everyone wants to accept that. Fines can be high if an operator does not check, which can add up to between 500 and 10,000 euros. Nevertheless, not everyone takes it as carefully as Volker Schneider.

No comprehensive controls

Alexander Hangleiter from the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) in Freiburg receives mixed feedback. Some Freiburg residents have also had experiences like this. The city of Freiburg does not carry out comprehensive checks to determine whether the rules are being adhered to, a city spokesman said. Operators of cinemas, fitness centers, restaurants and discotheques are only checked if there is a concrete suspicion. Alexander Hangleiter, however, appeals to his colleagues to be thorough – because there is a lot at stake.

Even stricter rules?

Landlord Volker Schneider is also sometimes worried that even stricter rules will come. Especially now that winter is coming. But until improvement is in sight, he wants to support all the rules.