This is how the Krebecker want to help little Helene

One year old Helene is seriously ill with blood cancer. You don’t have much time. During a typing campaign in Krebeck, 32 people wanted to help and had themselves tested to see whether they could be donors. “It is easy to help someone with a small deed,” said 17-year-old Yannik Bodmann.

The teenager found out about the action in a WhatsApp group and decided at short notice to participate. “It’s a good thing that doesn’t take much,” he said. And that’s exactly how it is. In the end, you just have to open your mouth for a moment. A swab is taken with a stick for one minute. And that was it. For 17-year-olds, however, the parents’ consent is required.

“It doesn’t hurt me”

Yannik’s mother was there and was happy to fill out the declaration. She has also been registered as a donor for a long time, as has Luisa Heine’s father, who also registered as a 17-year-old, “because it might save me lives,” she explained. “And it doesn’t harm me.”

A donor is currently being sought for Helene, who is only one year old. “Flyers have also been printed for Great Britain, the USA and Poland,” says Jessika Römermann, the little girl’s aunt. She organized the campaign together with her colleague Katharina Hauenstein. Both work in the hospital and are allowed to make the trade-offs. You only needed one room. They found it through the DJK Krebeck, who made his sports store available.

“This is a good move,” said DJK board member Henrik Brennecke. That is why the association supports the campaign, because “for some it is difficult during the week to drive past the bone marrow and stem cell donor center in Göttingen”. That is why such actions in the villages make perfect sense.

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You can register here

If you want to help people suffering from blood cancer, you can register as a donor with the Göttingen bone marrow and stem cell donor center. A tube of blood or a sample of the buccal mucosa is required for typing. Registration is possible during the donation times in the blood donation in the clinic and the blood donation on the campus in Göttingen. Alternatively, a registration set with all the necessary materials can be sent to you free of charge so that you can have your blood drawn from your family doctor. The blood sample is returned in the attached, pre-franked parcel. As a result, participants will be informed whether they are suitable for a donation. The data is automatically deleted after the age of 61. For more information, call 0551/3962390 or -391. Typing can also be supported with monetary donations to the account: Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, IBAN: DE55 2605 0001 0000 0004 48, purpose: KMSG donations 134 6270.

Time is running out for Helene

Time is running out for Helene. The one-year-old had responded to a vaccination with a fever in July. When she still had a fever after two weeks, she was examined. Tumor markers were also discovered in the blood. “Then in August we knew she had blood cancer,” said her aunt. And it is a severe form of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Now the toddler is getting chemotherapy. “At the moment she is struggling with the side effects.”

“In December she needs a stem cell donation,” explained Jessika Römermann. If you can’t find a suitable donor, she’ll get a donation from her mother. But they only fit 50 percent, which is why there is a great risk that the disease will come back. There are currently many campaigns to help Helene. In parallel to the one in Krebeck, a benefit game was played in Burgstall near Magdeburg in her home town. A charity campaign is planned for next Saturday in Römermann’s hometown Ellrich.

“Actually, you should have registered earlier,” said Sarah Schneider. Since she works with children, the story triggered something for her. “There’s a trigger point for everyone,” she said. “For me it was because it’s about a small child.”

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“Helping is always important”

“Helping is always important,” said Sven Otto, explaining his participation. “And it doesn’t hurt either.” You don’t even notice it, confirmed Katja Fuchs. And it’s for a good cause. “You feel sorry for yourself because you have children of your own. When I read a story like that, I always get goose bumps. “

“We are satisfied with the result,” said Römermann. 32 participants in just two hours, including three under the age of 18. And someone came just to donate money. And if the people tested in Krebeck don’t suit Helene, maybe they can help someone else. “There are a lot of people waiting for a suitable donor,” she said.

You can be tested between 17 and 55 years of age. Only people with various serious diseases such as the heart, lungs or kidneys are excluded. Therefore, little Helene’s aunt asks again that as many people as possible register as donors. “If you can help with something like that, it would be great,” said Ivana Kretschmer, who came to Krebeck with a friend from Gieboldehausen to test it.

From Rüdiger Franke