This is how the OFC beats FC Gießen

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Kickers Offenbach meets FC Gießen in the Regionalliga Südwest.
Kickers Offenbach meets FC Gießen in the Regionalliga Südwest. © BEAUTIFUL SPORTS/Gawlik/Imago

Kickers Offenbach has easily brought in the seventh win in a row in the Southwest Regional Football League. In the 2-0 (1-0) against FC Gießen, Osarenren Okungbowa (11th) and Michael Fink (68th / own goal) scored for Kickers in front of 6121 spectators. With a win next Tuesday in the catch-up game, the OFC can move up to one point behind the top duo SV Elversberg and SSV Ulm 1846 (70 points each). Bitter: Joker Mathias Fetsch probably injured his ankle badly.

Kickers Offenbach meets FC Gießen in the Regionalliga Südwest. We report on the game in the live ticker.

Kickers Offenbach – FC Gießen 2:0 (1:0)
1:0 Okungbowa (11.), 2:0 Fink (68./Eigentor)
Hosiner (3) / Sarr


90. +2 Minute: Gießen again, but Richter parried strongly against Münn, who appeared free in front of him. Then it’s over.

89. Minute: And because the OFC made three changes in the second half, he has to end the game outnumbered.

87. Minute: Shocking moment for the Kickers. Fetsch hurt himself in the penalty area, is lying on the floor in pain and is being treated. That doesn’t look good at all. Fetsch cannot perform and is taken off the field with support from two coaches. The OFC fans donate encouraging applause. Fetsch had twisted his ankle in the penalty area without any contact with the opponent.

86. Minute: Hermes pulls in again, sends Garcia, but his cross is blocked. Throw in OFC.

83. Minute: And right after the eleventh corner.

82. Minute: In the corner statistics it becomes double digits. Ramaj had pulled away and Löhe cleared the ball for a corner.

80. Minute: Next change at OFC: Ramaj replaces Tuma. Giessen also changes, twice: Sawada and ex-Offenbacher Tiliudis go. Münn and Sevim come.

79. Minute: Good vibes at the OFC Annex. “We have no electricity, we have no money, we are the hottest club in the world,” they sing.

77. Minute: OFC counters, Fetsch withdraws. Corner. It’s now 9:1.

75. Minute: Official viewership: 6121.

74. Minute: Gießen also changes: Makanda comes for Burgio.

74. Minute. The next changes at OFC: Fetsch and comebacker Garcia are coming. Deniz and Hosiner leave.

70. Minute: It’s called a golden hand. Sreto Ristic had taken out the tired-looking and somewhat hapless Bozic – and as soon as Lucas Hermes is on the pitch, the post starts. Again now. The 21-year-old storms towards Gießener Tor again, shoots – Löhe parries to the corner.

68 minutes: GOOOOOR for the OFC! Hermes is hardly in the game when Okungbowa sends him into the penalty area on the left. Gießen’s Fink directs his pass in the middle into his own goal. Lid on it?

67. Minute: First change at OFC: Bozic goes, Hermes comes.

66. Minute: Pour over the right but in the middle Owusu can’t process the cross. But: The OFC is doing it far too casually – first he doesn’t use his chances and now he’s allowing some at the back.

64. Minute: Sarr kills Deniz. Yellow is correct.

64. Minute: It almost happened, Sawada scurried through to the left and pulled away. Judge parries, the margin is also clarified. The OFC is playing with fire in this narrow lead.

61. Minute: The OFC is working on the second goal. Now Bozic crosses to Tuma, but he fails from ten meters to Löhe and also has the disadvantage when poking.

59. Minute: The ball is in the goal again and the soul of the people is boiling. After Deniz’s free-kick, Hosiner heads into the far corner. Should have been on the sidelines.

58. Minute: Second change at Gießen. Daghfous, once at OFC, replaces Öztürk.

56. Minute: There’s a huge chance to make it 2-0. Huseinbasic sends Bozic on the journey alone. But he fails because of goalkeeper Löhe. Deniz sets the margin from 22 meters far too high.

53. Minute: Casting shortened – in terms of corners. Owusu gets the first out for the guests. Sawada brings them, Kling beheads them. Clear about it.

51. Minute: Hosiner again, after a pass from Deniz he volleys. Löhe parries great. Corner. It’s now 7-0. Because Loehe easily picks the ball from Deniz, it stays at 1:0 goals.

50. Minute: The stadium is boiling. Hosiner is knocked over in the penalty area. Say the fans and Hosiner. Referee Wacker says: Was nothing. It continues.

48. Minute: The backdrop is there. “OFC, OFC” sounds from all the grandstands. A wake up call? Not too much is happening on the field right now.

46. Minute: It goes on, the second half is running. Giessen has made a change: Owusu comes in for Dos Santos.

45. Minute: The OFC is coming again. Bojaj sends Bozic on the journey. His shot clears Löhe to the corner. But that is no longer carried out. halftime. The Kickers deservedly lead, but sometimes take it too easy with a feeling of clear superiority.

43. Minute: Curious scene: Okungbowa in a duel with Burgio on the right Referee Wacker lets play continue, but linesman Melissa Johs saw a foul. And the whistle is delayed. The free kick comes – but Richter grabs it safely.

41. Minute: Burgio tries it from a distance. Richter catches him easily.

39. Minute: Ko Sawada runs in from the left and pulls away. No problem for judges.

36. Minute: Milde stages Hosiner, who takes corner number six. That doesn’t bring anything either.

33. Minute: The ball is in the Giessen goal, but Tuma was caught offside when he crossed Hosiner.

30. Minute: It is now 5:0 corners for the OFC. But this time nothing comes of it.

29. Minute: The OFC picks up again and it’s getting dangerous. Milde pulls from the right side with his left hand, half shot, half assist. Bojaj rushes just wide of the ball at the far post.

28. Minute: Hosiner fouls Michael Fink while pressing. The action is sideways from behind, yellow is tough but ok.

26. Minute: But now, Milde gets the ball after the third corner, storms off on the right – his flank claws Gießen’s goalkeeper Löhe in the follow-up.

25. Minute: The OFC is currently very much in the administrative role. Understandable, after all the load is quite high in times of English weeks.

24. Minute: Second corner for the OFC. Taken out by Hosiner. But it brings nothing. A little later Milde crosses well from the left, but there is no one in the middle who can use the ball.

22. Minute: Watering again, but this is harmless. Burgio’s ball easily accommodates judges.

19. Minute: Giessen is now a little more vehement, driven by the lively ex-Offenbacher Ko Sawada.

15. Minute: The guests first have to feel after the deficit. Now Burgio comes with speed, but fouls Okungbowa in the penalty area. Free kick OFC.

11 minutes: GOOOOOOR for the OFC! Following a corner, Osarenren Okungbowa pokes Florent Bojaj’s pass into the near post from close range. Strange gate.

10. Minute: Tuma cross, Bozic goes to the ball in the middle and is blocked. First corner for the OFC.

9. Minute: First dangerous cross from the right. Mild ball sinks towards the long post, goes out.

8. Minute: If something works at the OFC, then on the left. Tuma is sent, but a Giessener straddles the ball sideways.

6. Minute: A moment of shock for the OFC: central defender Osarenren Okungbowa is on the ground and has hurt himself. but it will probably go on.

5. Minute: Again the OFC over the left, but Tuma can’t reach Bojaj’s ball and then fouls his opponent. Free kick pouring in your own penalty area.

3. Minute: OFC over left but Tuma’s cross is cleared.

1. Minute: The ball rolls.

1:59 p.m.: The teams are there, the Offenbachers are greeted stormily by the annex.

1:56 p.m.: With a bright blue sky and a slightly cool wind, the atmosphere in the stadium is full of expectation and exuberance. There could be around 6000 fans in the stadium again today. By the way, for the first time there are no corona measures. The mask requirement is also lifted.

1:55 p.m.: The match will be directed by referee Karoline Wacker (Lehrensteinsfeld).

1:53 p.m.: The guests from FC Gießen, trainierLöhe – Gaudrmann, Kling, Dos Santos, Burgio, Öztürk, Fink, Sawada, Tiliudis, Sarr, Reithmeir – Bank: Grbovic – Daghfous, Owusu, Münn, Makanda, Mohr, Sevim

1:49 p.m.: And this is the eleven that Ristic sends into the race: Richter – Milde, Okungbowa, Breitenbach, Marcos – Huseinbasic, Deniz, Bojaj, Tuma – Bozic, Hosiner. Sitting on the bench: Tramontana (goal) – Andacic, Garcia, Hermes, Ramaj, Fetsch, Mesanovic, Stark, Moreno Giesel

1:47 p.m.: Compared to the 3:1 at Bahlinger SC during the week, Ristic made four changes in the starting XI: for Zieleniecki, Firat (both yellow card suspension), Hermes and Fetsch (both bench) Huseinbasic, Bojaj (both after yellow card suspension), Paul Milde and Davud Tuma in the starting XI.

1:46 p.m.: Kickers coach Sreto Ristic has a surprise in store for the squad: Rafael Garcia will be back in the squad for the first time after recovering from a torn ligament in his knee.

1:45 p.m.: Hello from Bieberer Berg. On Easter Saturday, the third in the table receives FC Gießen, who are threatened with relegation, for a duel in Hesse. The favorite roles are of course clearly distributed. Anything other than the seventh point game win in a row would be a major setback in the promotion race.

Offenbach – The 34th matchday of the Regionalliga Südwest is coming up and Kickers Offenbach wants to get the next three points. In the home stadium, the OFC receives FC Gießen, who are threatened with relegation, for a Hessen duel. The game kicks off on Saturday (April 16, 2022) at 2 p.m.

OFC meets FC Gießen in the Hessen duel

In the catch-up game, Kickers Offenbach managed a very important victory with a show of strength. With two late goals, OFC won 3-1 at Bahlinger SC and reduced the gap to leaders SV Elversberg to four points – with one game less. Coach Sreto Ristic’s team is in the running for promotion to the 3rd division, but they can’t afford to make any mistakes in the coming weeks until the end of the season.

In the Regionalliga Südwest it is a four-way battle for championship and promotion. SV Elversberg and SSV Ulm (both 67 points) are ahead, followed by Kickers Offenbach with 63 points and TSV Steinbach Haiger with 60 points. OFC and Mittelhessen each played one game less than the two leaders.

FC Gießen, upcoming opponents of Kickers Offenbach, is fighting to stay up in the Regionalliga Südwest. The Mittelhessen are currently in 17th place with 29 points and are in acute danger of relegation. There are already four meters to the saving bank. FC Gießen definitely needs a win at OFC to be able to continue hoping for relegation.

OFC so far without a draw in their own stadium

At Kickers Offenbach it’s “Sekt or Selters” at the home stadium this season. Ten wins face four defeats, and there hasn’t been a draw yet. The Gießener could only win two of their 15 away games. The opponent has already had eight defeats abroad. The favorite role in the Hessen duel is clearly distributed.

The first leg between FC Gießen and Kickers Offenbach was a clear affair. At the end of October 2021, coach Sreto Ristic’s team won 3-0 in Giessen’s Waldstadion. Scorers were Bozic with a brace and Deniz with a penalty. (smr)