this is how the park opened after twenty years

The Eur Castellaccio park has been officially inaugurated. After twenty years of waiting, the area of ​​over eighteen hectares on the border between Europarco and Decima was opened to the public and for the occasion were present the mayor Roberto Gualtieri, the councilor for urban planning Maurizio Veloccia and the councilor for green Sabrina Alfonsi, in addition to the president of the IX municipality Titti Di Salvo.

The Castellaccio park is the result of the urbanization of the neighborhood

Part of the urbanization works carried out as part of the Eur Castellaccio urban planning program and related program agreement, to compensate for two non-buildable areas such as the Parco delle Valli and the Volusia Park, the park of southern Rome was awaited by the inhabitants of the district from the beginning of the two thousand.

What’s inside and how to get there

Over eighteen hectares communicating with the new La Vaccheria museum in via Giovanni L’Eltore, a stone’s throw from the home that once belonged to Totti and Blasi. The Castellaccio park has been equipped with a fitness trail and a soccer field, a play area for children and an area for dogs. From via Severino Delogu pedestrians can also access with wheelchairs as there is a pedestrian walkway that connects with the public car park. a second footbridge connects the park with the Laurentino district also via the cycle/pedestrian path that runs along via Levi up to piazza Piovene and crosses the Pontina thanks to two dedicated tunnels.

“Heavy work, was supposed to open 6 years ago”

“The opening of this large park is the result of an intense work that the administration is doing through the synergy between the various institutional levels – explained Alfonsi – to reactivate public works that have been stopped for years within the urban planning agreements for return them to the free use of Roman citizens. We are working hard to increase the level of care of the city’s green areas. This will be the case in the future for this new park, together with the town hall and the citizens’ committees and associations, to try to replicate the splendid work done with the Vaccheria”. “There are so many chained places that we want to reopen and give back to the Romans – added Veloccia -. Our goal is to create a more livable, green city, full of meeting places. We want to give the Romans the opportunity to frequent places that , although saved from construction and intended for public use, are closed. This park had to be built and opened already 6 years ago. Thanks to the important work of our department and our offices, to which I thank, and to that of the private entity today we were able to obtain this important result”.

“We promised it with the inauguration of the former Vaccheria and we did it – Gualtieri’s words – we finally deliver to the neighborhood and to all of Rome the Park that has been waiting to be opened for 20 years. In fact it should have been ready immediately after construction of this quadrant as a compensation work and instead, due to bureaucratic issues, it remained unfinished. Today we are returning it to the inhabitants and to the city in all its beauty”.

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2023-05-20 09:02:28