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This is how the tenth anniversary of July 22 is marked – VG

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MARKING: Thursday it is ten years since 77 people were killed in the terrorist attacks in the government quarter and on Utøya. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The church bells will ring in time all over the country, and the king will speak in Oslo Spektrum when it is marked on Thursday that it is ten years since the terrorist attacks.


NTB – Fredrik Moen Gabrielsen

Every year, July 22 is marked, for example, in the government quarter and on Utøya, often with a more or less similar program from year to year.

But this year, as is well known, it is ten years since the terrorist attacks, and the markings are therefore slightly different from the previous ones.

In the past, for example, it has not been common for members of the royal family to be present at the various celebrations.

This year, however, the royal family will be represented at all of the main events on the tenth anniversary.

MARKING: A memorial service will be held outside Høyblokka in the government quarter in central Oslo. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Church bells all over the country

Although the construction of the new government quarter is in full swing, it is still blocked by a small area around the national memorial at Høyblokka. There will also be a ceremony this year with name readings and the laying of wreaths.

Afterwards, there will be a service in Oslo Cathedral. NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg, who was prime minister when the terrorist attacks took place, will give a speech in the church. The king and queen must also be present.

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After the service, all the country’s church bells will ring in time at 12 o’clock.

FORMER PRIME MINISTER: And the current Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, here on his way to visit Utøya in 2020. Photo: Terje Bringedal

Later there will be a ceremony on Utøya, this time with more speeches from survivors and survivors than usual. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess are present at both celebrations, and Crown Prince Haakon will give a speech on Utøya.

Following the Utøya celebration, Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen (SV) and City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) invite those affected to a reception in Oslo City Hall.

At 19 o’clock the town hall bells will strike 77 beats, one for each of the victims. At the same time, all buses, trams and subways in Oslo will be stopped.

The king speaks to those affected

Just over a month after the terrorist attacks ten years ago, a large national memorial ceremony was arranged in Oslo Spektrum, perhaps most famous was King Harald’s speech to those affected.

– As a father, grandfather and spouse, I can only sense some of their pain. As the king of the country, I feel with each and every one of you, said a clearly marked king at the time.

SPEAKING: One month after the terrorist attacks in 2011, a clearly marked King Harald spoke to those affected by the terror. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, a similar national memorial ceremony will be held in the same arena on Thursday night.

Even now, the king will give a speech to those affected, while the list of speakers also includes Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) and Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre.

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Highasakite, Dagny, Odd Nordstoga, Tuva Syvertsen and Åge Aleksandersen are among the many artists who will perform. The celebration, which is led by NRK’s ​​host Rima Iraki, will be broadcast live on NRK1 on Thursday night.

SPEAKER: Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre and Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) at the memorial on Utøya. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Löfven participates in July 22 events

This year, a number of events will also be held both before and after 22 July.

On 15 July, the exhibition “10 years later” opened at the July 22 center in Oslo, where, among other things, the public is largely invited to contribute to the content of the exhibition.

On Wednesday, the day before the tenth anniversary, Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will travel to Oslo to participate in a number of events to be held that day.

PRIME MINISTER: Stefan Löfven in Sweden. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist / TT / NTB

He joins Støre to Utøya, where they will, among other things, lay flowers.

Löfven will also attend an event in the University’s auditorium in Oslo later the same day. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and AUF leader Astrid WE Hoem will first meet for a witness interview.

It will be followed by a panel discussion with, among others, Prime Minister Solberg, Labor leader Støre and others.

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