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This is how the VAR has influenced LaLiga

The first VAR League is over. The technology has come to football to stay and the Technical Committee of Referees took stock of what has been the season of its premiere. "The VAR is only part of the arbitration", wanted to qualify Velasco Carballo, the president of the members. But most of the talk focused on the novelty. Clos Gómez, director of the VAR project, explained the numbers that they manage of what the course has been, taking into account that all the parties are seen again in video to analyze the successes and the errors:


In total in the 380 games of the championship there were 812 incidents in the penalty area: 93 were shown in the field and 719 were not whistled. The Technical Committee of Referees understands that it was successful in 743 cases and in 69 errors occurred. Of those 69 judgments, the VAR corrected 44 (both for whistling the one that was not as correct for one that was pitted) and in 25 they were wrong both on the pitch and in the VAR. In total, 130 maximum penalties were announced, 17 more than last year (113).

Yellow cards

They have shown 1,967 and were not shown by mistake, according to the CTA, 167. Here the VAR does not act. There have only been six warnings for pretending, eleven less than last year, so it can be said that knowing that "technology" is watching has resulted in less "theater".

Red cards

They have taken 32 (25 + 7 recommended by the VAR). They stopped showing 7, according to the CTA.


They have been marked in LaLiga 983. In 60 the VAR directly influences and there are 37 other occasions in which the VAR has an active intervention because they are for penalties. 4 of them were not marked, therefore there were 93 situations in which the VAR had an influence on the goal.

Total revisions

There have been 121 revisions in the 380 matches. The average is once every 3.14 encounters. 60 of them were goals, 49 penalties (40 to award a penalty and 9 to cancel), 9 for red cards and 3 for identity confusion. There are 7 decisions maintained: 5 for penalties and 2 for whether or not there is interference from offside in a goal. The intervention time was 83 seconds when the referee did not go to review the action because he trusts what the VAR tells him not to be interpretive (you were playing), and 129 seconds when the referee has gone to the monitor.

The CTA was very satisfied with the implementation of the VAR. "It seems that we have been with him all his life," said Velasco Carballo, who accepts the criticism of the clubs, which have been there. Throughout the year, several presidents, coaches, players … have complained that they did not understand the intervention criteria very well. Moreover, it seems that there is still Some suspicion with the subject. This newspaper was contacted via email with all First Division clubs to ask about their impressions of the implementation of the VAR and about the aspects to improve. Half did not answer. Nine teams said they preferred not to make statements and only the Leganés responded saying that "he is in favor of the implementation of the VAR because it improves justice in football", and that "he will have to keep improving"Velasco Carballo did call several clubs during the season, especially when there was an error against, logically, and they did it in a" very respectful "way, according to the CTA leader.

The crux of the matter with the VAR it is the same as at the beginning of the season: only intervenes in clear and manifest actions, and saying what is clear, clear and incontestable is complicated, because it is interpretable: for some, one action is for others, not for others. "The errors that have occurred, in which the VAR referees have made a mistake, are because they are not perfect, surely they are failures based on trying to protect the world of football from many interventions." That was the fear of football, which stopped too much. , and to protect it we have insisted endlessly that they set the bar very high, perhaps we have set the bar a bit higher than the world of football has finally accepted, but it was to not sow doubts, "admitted Velasco Carballo. The president of the CTA also assured that the criterion will be maintained, that the next season the VAR will only intervene in the plays that are considered clear, not in the so-called "grays", because that is what the law says. His job is to try to unify the criteria to adjust what is clear and manifest. "Next year there will be debate about whether the VAR should have intervened or not in one move or another, it is pure arbitration," concluded Carballo.

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