This is how this health program in New York City supports survivors of 9/11 | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

the cool of autumn will begin to

make yourself felt in a couple of


patricia: tomorrow is the 19th

years of the attack on the towers

twins, but there are still

many consequences and we are

talking about some

health alternatives on

all for the people who

They are suffering the scourges.

welcome. what do we have to

know about the health plan

without the cost of the world trade


basically it is a program

that is available to all

the people who consider themselves

survivors or also

people who were

working helping with

cleaning or things there.

It is basically a person if

do you feel intimate or some

sickness that I think is

related to what happened

almost 20 years ago, you can

access this program, which is

free of cost and provides

monitoring and treatment

edic …

Patricia: I understand that

certain intimate ones are

eligible. people who don’t

they know what it has to do with

all the time they lived.

that’s what we see a lot.

maybe a person thinks that

is feeling acid in the

stomach or unable to sleep

well. there is no intoma

specific because there are many

related diseases.

different medical conditions

and there is a list that focus on

our website can see

the conditions. those

conditions are going to be

verified to see if any is

part of which is

related to the world trade


Patricia: I understand that

the area is essential for

this plan.

basically for one person

that was anywhere

from manhattan and also some

parts of brooklyn that is to

Mass and a half within the radius

mile and a half from site

old world trade center.

patricia: today univison 41

has a forum for you

can communicate.

today we are going to have the lines

open from 5:00 pm to 7:00

pm, people can call if

do you have any questions about your

eligibility, how to fill out the

application or how to enter

Program. if they have any

question you can call and

we will be there to answer

your question and help to

fill out that application.

patricia: today in the afternoon you have

the opportunity to share in

this forum and clarify your doubts.

remember tomorrow friday

we are going to offer a transmission

special about the ceremony

commemorating the attacks on


they are 19 years old

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