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So far the follow-up of the protest day of farmers and ranchers in Madrid, that with their concentration in front of the Ministry of Agriculture they have given continuity to the recent mobilizations in other autonomous communities. Tractorates and demonstrations have been convened during the month of February in Córdoba, Málaga, Asturias, Granada, Murcia and Seville. You can follow the information in all the supports of EL PAÍS.

02/05/2020 15:25


Hundreds of farmers protest at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture in the capital. A chronicle of Hugo Gutierrez, Vidal Maté Y A. Ponce. (Photo: Samuel Sánchez)

02/05/2020 15:00


The manifestation of farmers and winners of Madrid in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, in images.

The event, held on the morning of Wednesday, is part of the mobilization calendar of the Farmers to Limit campaign, which is taking the field professionals to the streets of Spain. (Photo: Javier Lizón / EFE)

02/05/2020 14:56


Six large groups exceed 50% of sales volume. The Union of Farmers and Livestock Unions maintains that the problem in the food chain is the concentration of companies, since the food sector in Spain is in the hands of six large groups that account for 54.4% of sales volume.

02/05/2020 14:01


The president of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (CEM), Javier González de Lara, considers that the farmers who are protesting these days “are very right” and that “they have been suffering many factors for years”, such as “social oblivion”. (EP)

02/05/2020 01:55 PM


The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis ÁbalosHe has also shown his concern about the complicated situation facing the agricultural sector in Spain and has opted to “put a brake on the abuse suffered by agricultural prices.” “It is essential to propose a strategy. We are talking about an important production sector, but also about the quality of life of a good part of our people and of geographic spaces that connect us with the emptied Spain,” he said. (EP)

02/05/2020 12:51


Ivana Martínez, general secretary of the Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations of Madrid: “A meeting with the Ministry is a first step forward and hopefully something will be done to be able to reach a price adjustment so that it is more fair for the farmer and the farmer, that there is a margin of benefit for the food chains and that the final consumer also benefits from decent prices. ”

02/05/2020 12:21


Ivana Martínez, general secretary of the Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations of Madrid: “The main demand is that we want fair prices for agri-food products. That they are worth what they have to be worth and not what the big distribution and food chains mark, which are the ones that always carry the added value ”.

02/05/2020 12:15


Boos to Abascal. The protest organizers have invited politicians to “leave” to give prominence to the representatives of the sector. Some farmers recriminate Abascal to try to make the protest profitable.

02/05/2020 12:10


A table in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, in Madrid, with menus that include the demands of farmers and ranchers. (Photo by Susana Vera / Reuters)

02/05/2020 12:06


Santiago Abascal. The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has attended with the president of Vox Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, and the spokesman of the formation in the Congress of Deputies, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, to the concentration.

02/05/2020 12:02


Agricultural products multiplied their price in January by more than four from the price in the field to the retail price in stores, while livestock products (meat, eggs, milk) tripled their price. The biggest difference was in potatoes, which cost 7.35 times more in stores than the price paid to farmers in the field, quoting at 0.17 euros per kilo at source and sold at destination at an average of 1 ,25 euros. (EP)

02/05/2020 12:01


There is a choice between an agriculture with workers who care for the environment and contribute social and economic wealth to the rural environment or one of large companies that only seek their own economic benefit. By Marcos Garcés. EFE photo.

02/05/2020 11:24


The secretary general of CC.OO. from Madrid, Jaime CedrúnHe explained this Wednesday in an interview in Onda Madrid that the field is mobilizing, “among other things, because there have been no national policies, rebalancing, support and promotion policies. Therefore, that occurs, impoverishment of complete areas, depopulation, the emptied Spain and little respect for one of the great industries that this country has, such as agri-food. ” (EP)

02/05/2020 11:08

Jesus-Sérvulo González

The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, has summoned the supermarket chains to try to tackle the downward spiral of prices. The difference in the price that farmers receive and at which the supermarket sells can be multiplied by ten. Thus, a red pepper costs at origin 0.80 cents a kilo and 2.45 euros in the supermarket (+ 256%), potatoes go from 0.15 to 1.20 euros (700%) or cabbage 0 , 18 to 1.24.

The biggest problem is that the two prices do not evolve at the same time. This is what happened with the navel orange (the most common): since January 2018, the destination price has risen 1.3% and the origin price has fallen 11%.

02/05/2020 11:01


The Union of Farmers and Ranchers of Navarra and the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Spain have announced in a statement that they join the mobilizations of the rest of Spain and meet for February 19. (EFE)

02/05/2020 10:59

Jesus-Sérvulo González

Farmers’ protests are not exclusive in Spain. At the end of last year the agricultural sector also mobilized in Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Asmterdam. We tell you here:

02/05/2020 10:49


The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, He said this morning in an interview in Telecinco that the mobilizations of farmers and ranchers will continue in the next few days, while the dialogue and action of the Government will continue in order to achieve a solution for the field. (EP)

02/05/2020 10:46


The agrarian organizations summon this Wednesday a rally at the gates of the Ministry of Agriculture.

02/05/2020 10:11


One of the main challenges for the sector is the collapse of prices at source paid to farmers and ranchers, especially in sectors such as oil, although afterwards the products are sold much more expensive in the large distribution.

02/05/2020 10:07


Good Morning. We started this narration live to report the protests of farmers and ranchers this Wednesday in Madrid.

02/05/2020 09:37



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