This is how you get more money for the same work in 2023

Would you like more money? Stupid question right? Globally, we are facing the biggest cost of living crisis in 40 years. In the summer, the inflation rate in the USA was the highest it had been since November 1981.

As a result, everyone would love to make more money. But do you sit back and wait passively for a raise, or do you take the initiative and get it?

While companies are going through tough times, certain areas, especially in the technology industry, continue to thrive. The demand for professionals with cybersecurity and AI skills continues to grow, while software engineers, solution architects and people with financial technology experience enjoy a higher sense of security than other industries.

Experts predict that by 2025 there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job vacancies. So how can you now get more money for the same work as before?

Asks for more money

Yes, it sounds silly, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never get it. Just make sure you’re not just asking for a higher fee. Would an increase in the pension contribution also help? Could reduced weekly working hours help meet childcare costs or other family commitments? Find out where you can benefit from non-financial compensation and put together a business case.

Educate and train

Do you want to get more money? Then you need to create more value for your business, and if that’s not possible in your current position, maybe it’s time to upskill. Can your employer fund additional training or is there a horizontal move to a department with more opportunities?

The industry is evolving, and the skills that have served you well may need a little polish. In addition, companies can get stuck – is there a new source of income that you can open up for your company? If you can directly influence the profit, you are in a much stronger position when it comes to receiving additional compensation.

Take a step

If your employer can’t or won’t talk about your salary package, you may have no choice but to switch. Before you leave the ship, you should inform yourself well. Are you getting the salary you think you deserve from another employer, or does your current company have a reason not to increase your salary? Balance what you have now and what you’ll need to do with a new employer to justify a raise.


Following the last point, you should inform yourself about your industry and your value within that industry. Do others get more money because they have additional skills or training, and are you a small fish in a big pond looking for big fish money?

Also look at the longevity of your industry and see if there is an area where you see growth over the next 10 to 15 years that will offer you further opportunity. So if you know where your industry is going, you can figure out how to get more money. Knowing your worth can also help you decide if you need to change companies, change industries, or upskill.

Below we present three companies that are currently recruiting, but there are many others that also have vacancies.


Voted the best bank in the world by Forbes, mobile bank N26 changed the idea of ​​fintech forever with its app-based flexible banking that lets you track your spend and put money aside in real-time. N26 is currently seeking a range of roles across all departments including Program Manager, Senior Backend Engineer – Crypto and a Senior Workday Analyst. Here you can find all vacancies at N26.

Radio date

Radiodata, one of the leading system houses in Germany, recently turned 50 years old. The company evaluates and implements new technologies for financial services and other industries and employs around 1,500 people. Radiodata is active in the areas of hardware trading, management and nationwide services for stationary and mobile IT infrastructure and workplace equipment, including telephone and multifunction systems. In addition, Radiodata offers network and security solutions, innovative communication and collaboration technologies as well as IT for banks. At the moment there is a job advertised as a network administrator, or you can view all vacancies at Radiodata here.


Zalando is a German e-commerce giant with currently 50 million users in 26 countries and over 17,000 employees. Much more than just an online shop, Zalando prides itself on finding and driving digital solutions for fashion, logistics, advertising and research. Zalando is currently offering a range of positions across different departments, including Senior DevOps Engineer. Searches all open positions at Zalando.

There are dozens of companies on the NextPit job board currently looking for jobs in all industries and at all levels – discover all the opportunities now. This article was written by Aisling O’Toole.