It has been a long time since they have been talking about Jannik Sinner. In Italy, since mid / late 2019, the press does not stop talking about him and in that country, the truth is that they dream of having a new number 1 and future Grand Slam winner. His precocity in this sport and the records that he is breaking at his young age, only increase the illusion of Italy, a country that has not stopped growing in tennis in recent years. We know a little more about the history of the new jewel of European tennis.

And it is that this tennis player has a particular history in his beginnings, when he was close to not dedicating himself to tennis since when he was a child, he dedicated himself to another sport in equal parts until he finally decided on tennis, having hardly any junior stage . We will also know the union with Riccardo Piatti, his coach, who supervises him and takes him in an exceptional way, the boy having the luck of being with an experienced and very intelligent coach, with a broad and successful curriculum in tennis.

He will be Rafa Nadal’s next opponent at Roland Garros, in the quarter-final round. There are already enough people who know him and have been able to see how well he plays but we will analyze a little how Jannik Sinner plays and what are his strengths and what are his weakest or improvable points.

In our latest video on the channel, we analyzed all this about the new talent of Italian tennis. Click on ‘Play’ and learn more about the history of Sinner, a story that for sure, now only writes the first pages of the many that he will manage to write throughout his career. In fact, his coach, who knows a lot about what he is talking about, has said of him that it is impossible for him to end his career without a Slam. We will see if it is so.


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