This is just the beginning, according to The Last of Us: Part 2 composer

As for the composer of The Last of Us and its sequel, The Last of Us: Part 2 is ‘just the beginning’.

That’s what Gustavo Santaolalla says Twitter. He reports that he is happy that The Last of Us: Part 2 has been nominated for The Game Awards in nine different categories. “This is just the beginning,” he says at the end of the tweet. Geoff Keighley, The Game Awards presenter and organizer, repeats ‘just the beginning’ after that.

It’s possible that Santaolalla is hinting at a third installment in developer Naughty Dog’s popular franchise. It has not yet been announced, and it is not known what Naughty Dog is working on at the time of writing.

However, it has also been previously confirmed that Santaolalla will be composing the soundtrack for the upcoming HBO series based on The Last of Us. He may be talking about that. Finally, he could also hint at both the series and a new game. The Game Awards will be broadcast live on the night of December 10-11.



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