This is life as a farmer in “Farming Simulator 22”

Farming Simulator 22 is here, and builds on the possibilities you had in Farming Simulator 19.
Some of the improvements with 22 are that you now have the different seasons right in the main game, new machines and crops.

Follow the broadcast live on Twitch.

Follow the broadcast live on Twitch.

Watch tonight at 20:00 on our Twitch channel, when Eivind Von Døhlen, Lasse “Triggerman” Mjølhus and Daniel Lange try to play farmers.

Farming Simulator 22 has also received various improvements under the hood, including higher detailed textures, which bring higher realism to the farm.

This year, as before, you can play with friends to collaborate on the farms. But you also now have opportunities to hire AI personnel to help.

Remember to follow us on Twitch, we stream Tuesdays from 20:00, and feel free to join our discord group.

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