This is Mark Zuckerberg’s Leak about the Future of Facebook

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The most popular social media in the world, namely Facebook, which we know today may be different in the future. Later the platform will become an online world for users around the world to be able to move.

This was conveyed by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. “[Facebook nantinya] not how people interact. Many of the meetings we hold today, we see face boxes on the screen. It’s not like we’re processing something,” Zuckerberg said.

In the future, Facebook will be a place for people to play games, work, and communicate in a virtual environment. This activity will be assisted by headset virtual reality (VR).

This means that Facebook users will not only see in front of the screen. But as if you can enter directly into the world.

One example is that people can enter a concert in 3D or 3-dimensional format and the experience will be different when watching 2D. Zuckerberg said the atmosphere will be like watching a concert with people.

“You will feel present with other people, have different experiences from two dimensions,” he said.

Facebook is also developing access to the office using a VR headset. That way employees will have a different meeting experience than before.

Zuckerberg said it felt like it would be in the same location, but it turned out to be in a different place. He gave an example that later other people can sit on his sofa as a hologram and vice versa.

“It feels like we are in the same place even though we are in different locations or hundreds of kilometers apart. I think it’s very powerful,” he said.

For information, Facebook does have a massive investment in its virtual business, for example by buying a VR product development company, Oculus at a price of US$ 2 billion or equivalent to Rp. 29 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,500/US$).

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