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A few hours after the launch of Diablo III for Nintendo Switch, the developers of Blizzard Entertainment revealed another surprise for this version: a Amiibo of Loot Goblin.

Blizzard decided to surprise everyone by choosing this figure, since they could easily have created a Amiibo of some of the main characters like Diablo, Tyrael or Deckard Cain.

According to GameSpot, the Amiibo of Loot Goblin It will be released during December and will cost $ 16 (approximately 320 pesos). Both the box and the figure will have a unique design, never before seen in another Amiibo previously released.

It is not yet known what the specific function of the statue will be, but Blizzard He said that you can use it to access the vault, which is a secret area where you will find treasures.




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