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If you are someone who cares about taking care of your hair, you will already have or at least have heard of Tangle Teezer. Or what is the same, the most advanced and best valued anti-hair hair brush on the market.

This innovative and giant candy-like comb was a revolution in the beauty world about six years ago and, today, continues to be one of the best selling beauty products and requested by both men and women (including celebrities like Jennifer Lopez who have confessed fans). And the reasons are a few.

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Because it’s different?

The basic brush, with its handle and its spikes, remained unchanged for years until Tangle Teezer arrived. Basically, a brush that left behind the handles and heavy materials to become a kind of rounded, ergonomic and light tear with a size similar to that of a computer mouse. Thus, it held much better and was much more manageable in any type of hair.

But that was not his only strong point. In fact, The biggest achievement of the brand were its spikes: some short and others long, ultra flexible and perfect for untangling the hair without causing breakage or excessive pulling.

Buy for € 7.67 at Amazon

All its virtues

– Detangles the hair eliminating the knots without pain or pulls.

– Their spikes are curved and flexed so as not to break or spoil the hair.

– Its finish softens the hair cuticle and gives it a healthier appearance.

– The ends of their spikes massage the scalp and stimulate circulation.

– Thanks to its comb shape and brings volume to the mane both dry and wet.

– It can be used in the shower without deteriorating and is perfect for distributing conditioners and masks throughout the hair.

– Both the hair and the residues that remain in the brush after use are easily removed.

– It is suitable for any type of hair and has several versions adaptable to your hair. For example, Bordeaux is special For thicker and curly hair: your teeth are stronger and 4 mm longer, but with a lot of flexibility.

– It weighs the minimum and is perfect to always carry in your bag or travel. In addition, it is available in a multitude of colors and fun designs.

Tangle Teezer Hair Brush

Buy for € 7.67 at Amazon

Why is No. 1

Not only is the comb most recommended by professionals (they also use it in hairdressers and beauty centers), but also the best selling on Amazon. More than 1,666 reviews, 75% of five stars, they corroborate it. These are some of them:

“It is super effective! My hair is very easily tangled and for me it has always been an ordeal to have to untangle it, but with this brush it is very easy since it gives many less pulls. The difference between my previous brushes (more expensive) and this is total”.

“The brush complies with its advertising, it is very good untangling in both wet and dry hair, and in a large mane. It does not load static electricity, so it makes the hairstyle much easier. Everything that promises, fulfills it.”

“Now I wash my hair and brush it with this and in three past I have brushed my hair and removed all the tangles; it is wonderful, it takes up little space, it is beautiful, it grabs well and stimulates the scalp.”

Tangle Teezer Compact. Many of the users also choose the compact model of the iconic brush. It is the same technology but with a smaller and protected format with a lid that keeps the spikes like the first day and prevents them from getting stained. Ideal for trips, for the gym and to always take with you.

Buy for € 11.99

* All purchase prices included in this article are updated as of February 2, 2020.

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