JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The recovery rate of Covid-19 in Indonesia nationally has only reached 44 percent.

Based on data on Wednesday (1/7/2020), patients recovered in Indonesia reached 25,595 people since the Covid-19 case was announced by the government on March 2 last.

Achmad Yurianto, Director General (Dirjen) of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Ministry of Health, said that there are several factors that make healing in the country able to reach that number.

“We are grateful, so many have recovered because the treatment is better, the hospital’s attention in providing better patient care. This is one indicator (recovery),” Yurianto said in a press conference at BNPB, Thursday (2/7/2020 ).

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Yurianto said, the average number of recovery from Covid-19 patients in the world was 55.6 percent.

It’s just that, in Indonesia still has not reached this number even though the figure has gradually improved.

The number of healing that is slowly increasing, said Yurianto is inseparable from the human resources (HR) of health workers.

“That is, existing human resources, such as health workers and so on, can provide optimal care services,” he said.

In addition, another factor that influences healing is people’s response to Covid-19 disease.

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He said, currently those who entered the hospital were generally cases with mild to moderate levels.

Vulnerable age groups, such as comorbid groups or those with comorbidities, are judged to have realized that they should be protected.

Thus, patients from this group are relatively fewer.

“This factor is getting healed more and more. Indeed, it will not be fast because there is a healing process,” he said.


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