This is the Confession of the Red Plate Car Driver for the Ambulance Block in Klaten


The video of a red plate car belonging to the Klaten Regency Health Office blocking an ambulance carrying an accident patient went viral on social media. The driver of the AD 9502 OL state-owned car, Yustanto (35), finally spoke up and admitted that there was no intention to block the ambulance.

“I can’t go to the left because there are cars on the back and side. I gave the opportunity first, then I could avoid the ambulance, it happened like that,” Yustanto told reporters at the Klaten Police Headquarters, Monday (1/11/2021).

Yus said that at that time he had just escorted the monitoring team from the puskesmas. But when he was about to return to the office, he admitted that he did not know if there was an ambulance from the left side.

“Because the ambulance was moving from the left, I couldn’t see the distance. After getting close, I could see it,” explained Yus.

As the ambulance approached, he said he couldn’t turn left. He also emphasized that he did not intend to hinder the speed of the ambulance.

“I don’t mean to hinder. I hope this will also be an experience for ambulance drivers to be more careful tomorrow and tomorrow,” continued Yus.

Yus admitted that he was not penalized because he had given clarification to his superiors. The question of him not responding to the ambulance driver was done to give the ambulance a pass.

“That (silently did not answer) I did to immediately give way to the ambulance. So I apologize,” said Yus.

Previously, it was reported that a video showing the moment an ambulance was intercepted by a red-plated car in Klaten, Central Java went viral. The ambulance driver who transported the accident patient was even forced to get down to find a way.

The video recording of the incident initially went viral on WhatsApp Group (WAG) on Friday (29/10) at around 19:00 WIB. The video went viral after being uploaded to the @kabar_klaten Instagram account.

In the video footage, the ambulance can be seen taking the right lane against the current because the left lane is jammed. The ambulance sounded its siren quietly. However, the red plate car did not immediately move aside.

Watch the video: The Ambulance Takes Accident Victims Away by the Red Plate Car in Klaten

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