This is the first hotel in space: your rooms can now be booked on the web


The remembered caricature “The Supersonic” gave a prediction about what life would be like for humans in the year 2062 but, apparently, they missed him for 40 years. Is that in 2022 it will be possible to travel through space as the popular family created by Hanna-Barbera does, but through the first space hotel that will orbit the Earth. The anxious you can book your room online , but they must disburse a large sum of money. The hotel in question is the Aurora Station , a space technology created by Orion Span whose purpose is “Make the space accessible to all by offering more for less money”, as he explained to CNN Frank Bunger, founder and executive president. However, the visionary entrepreneur does not refer to a figure that anyone can pay, but is talking about 9.5 million dollars for an experience of 12 days as an astronaut in formation “200 miles above Earth. At least, the internet connection is included in the package and should not be paid as an additional. The Aurora Station construction works will begin in 2019 in Houston (United States), since the company is private and has no relationship with NASA. The hotel is basically a cylinder that fits inside a rocket and can accommodate up to four passengers, plus two crew members who will be ex-astronauts.

According to CNN, the space hotel will complete an orbit every 90 minutes, which means that guests will see sunrise and sunset on planet Earth an average of 16 times every 24 hours. Despite the attractive offer of accommodation, space tourism in a luxury hotel requires more preparation than any other type of vacation. Visitors will have to make a mandatory training from three months , although from the comfort of your home because it is through the internet. Those interested will learn basic questions about a space flight, such as orbital mechanics and pressurized environments. Those who are eager to get on the Aurora Station can make a reservation with a refundable deposit of 80,000 dollars through the website of the developer Orion Span.


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