This is the Honda Beat Price Update for All Variants as of September 2022, the Most Expensive Honda Deluxe

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Honda Beat is called the motorbike of a million people because of its affordable price.

With an affordable price, it’s no wonder that many consumers are looking for the Honda Beat.

Well this time we provide the latest price updates as of September 2022.

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Honda Beat comes in three variants and is still sold in the range of IDR 17 million until September 2022. Honda Beat CBS, Honda Beat Street, Honda Beat Deluxe.

Of the three variants, the cheapest Honda Beat CBS is the Honda Beat CBS and the most expensive is the Honda Beat Deluxe.

Honda continues to bring updates to the Honda Beat motorcycle model, one of which integrates the latest technology.

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This integrated technology is part of the latest Advanced Intelligent Architecture Framework (eSAF) effort for the Honda Beat.