This is the ideal limit for consuming instant noodles so as not to trigger health problems

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Instant noodles are always good to eat at any time. However, eating instant noodles too often is believed to trigger health problems. This is the ideal measure of consumption of instant noodles from nutritionists.

Instant noodles are never wrong. The taste of instant noodles is light, spicy, and salty making the tongue addictive.

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The taste that fits on the tongue makes some people not enough to just eat one packet of instant noodles.

Some people eat instant noodles more than one pack a week. When calculated, in a month you could consume instant noodles five times or more.

So, how many times should you eat instant noodles a month?

Harvard professors and Mount Elizabeth Hospital dietitians explain this.

Eating instant noodles one to two times a month is not considered a substitute for food, therefore there is no recommended amount of instant noodle consumption.

This was conveyed by Mount Elizabeth Hospital dietitian Seow Vi Vien, as quoted from The Straits Times via

However, according to Vien, the safe limit for eating instant noodles a week is one to two times. While Dr. Frank B. Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard, recommends consuming instant noodles one to two times a month, reported The New York Times via

Eating instant noodles several times a week, he said, can cause health problems.

The impact of instant noodle consumption According to Vien, instant noodles contain a lot of fat, saturated fat, and sodium. Meanwhile, protein, vitamins, and minerals are small.

In a packet of instant noodles complete with one packet of seasonings contains up to 1,700 milligrams of sodium. This amount is 85% more than the recommended amount of daily sodium intake.

According to him, excessive salt or sodium consumption can increase the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

If a person only eats instant noodles every day, he will experience malnutrition over time. Vien likens the consumption of these noodles three times a day.

The reason is, they do not get the required amount of nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals to support health.

Has more influence on women’s health

Instant noodles are more likely to affect women’s health than men’s.

The statement was conveyed by Dr. Hyun Joon Shin of Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital in Texas, led the study published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Quoting The Daily Mail via, the research is focused on South Korea, which is the country that eats the most instant noodles in the world. According to him, this can be related to the biological differences between women and men in terms of sex hormones and metabolism.

However, the findings are likely because women were more likely to report accurately what they ate each day.

Another potential factor in the gender difference is a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which is used to package the noodles in styrofoam.
Several studies have shown that BPA interferes with the way hormones send messages through the body, specifically estrogen.

Shin’s statement was also supported by Hu who said that these health effects were not seen in men because women were more detailed in reporting their diets.

In addition, the health effects are more visible in women possibly because they are more sensitive to post-menopausal dietary carbohydrates, sodium, and saturated fats. (Yuharrani Aisyah)

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