This is the international "Tatort" star

This is the international "Tatort" star

Great honor for the German actress Florence Kasumba (41): The actress, born in Kampala, Uganda, will be the first dark-skinned investigator in a “crime scene”. Currently her first episode of the Niedersachen “crime scene” named “Born To Die” is being created at the side of
Maria Furtwangler (51), the station announced NDR.
Together with Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm she will go on a criminal hunt in the future as Anaïs Schmitz. Internationally, Kasumba has already had tremendous success: The 41-year-old was in the blockbuster films “Black Panther”, “Wonder Woman” and “Avengers: Infinity War” alongside stars such as Robert Downey Jr. (53) and
Benedict Cumberbatch (41) to see. Incidentally, the “Tatort” set is completely new to her, as she has already appeared in various roles in the thriller series several times.
Actually it is currently running smoothly for the actress. Next to her ” crime scene “She will lend her voice to the hyena Shenzi in the forthcoming real-life adaptation of” The Lion King “. According to information from” Bild am Sonntag “she will also be seen in the sequels of” Black Panther “and” Wonder Woman ” be.

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