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This is the last session for "Scheherazade", and a "page that turns" for its director Jean Bernard Marlin

The two main characters in Shéhérazade, by Jean-Bernard Marlin. – Guerrar

Jean-Bernard Marlin, director of the movie Shéhérazade.

It may be otherwise Friday evening, after the last session in Marseille Scheherazade, with a part of the team haloed three
Caesars. But for now, no tremolo in the voice of the director Jean-Bernard Marlin (in photo opposite). On the contrary, it would almost feel like a relief to let go of this film which, in the wake of Cannes 2018, made an extraordinary journey for a first feature film. "It's a page that turns," he says. We are on other projects, other adventures. As if to translate the facts into gestures, the famous Caesar (of the best first film) rests at home in a wardrobe. "It's a beautiful object, but I prefer it to be tidy," he smiles. I do not see myself living with a trophy in front of me. "

Jean-Bernard Marlin does not forget, however, the "surprise effect" of the three awards received for the film, and the feeling of a dubbed "We feel a little validated by the film industry, especially when we do not come too much like me in this environment. " It is more or less what also declared Dylan Robert by receiving the César of the best male hope for his role of young guy falling in love with Scheherazade, young prostitute incarnated by Kenza Fortas: "For me, to have the Caesar, c ' is a welcome to the professional world of cinema ».

"The adventure stops there"

Of his two actors, met during a "wild casting", an expression devoted to the search for non-professional actors, the director says he does not have any particular "responsibility" for them. "The adventure stops there. Now it's up to them to play. They are surrounded. The cinema is made in such a way that we only see two of them, but there are also all the secondary actors, the technicians, a whole platter that contributes to the fact that the film exists. There remains the great "pride" of seeing their talents recognized, and the "confidence that the Caesars give for the future".

The rest, precisely, Jean-Bernard Marlin is already working on it. With "the desire to evolve [son] filmmaker work and go towards genre cinema ". He has in progress a project of feature film and series for television. This time, no wild casting. As for Marseille, a city intrinsically linked to the success of Sheherazade, it could become part of (for the series). Jean-Bernard Marlin also says that the Caesars have not changed his desire for director. "Maybe I allow myself to dream about more ambitious projects," he nuanced, aware of "being more watched, more expected at the turn." Friday night at
The Whale, place of the last projection Marseille, is a page that turns for the entire film crew.


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