This is the Mi Electric Shaver S500, Xiaomi’s little-known shaver

Although the Mi Electric Shaver S500 It was presented last December 2020, it is difficult that you have heard of it.

However, almost hidden among Xiaomi’s huge list of lifestyle products, this electric shaver is the culmination of several years developing previous models through Youpin. For this very reason today we want to take a deep look at this interesting product: is it worth it?

Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500: a shaver for any “terrain”

Let’s go by steps. Or by layers, because inside this Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 there is a lot of fabric to cut – and hair, of course.

Xiaomi’s razor sneaked into the newsroom’s favorite products for something. This is how our colleague Iván Linares described it: “it takes a lot of time, it’s inexpensive and I have discovered that Xiaomi offers the replacement that wears the most, the set of blades. I’ve been with her for a couple of years and I’m delighted“.

For some dimensions they are quite contained —155.1 × 61.6 × 63.3 mm and 345 grams of weight— the Mi Electric Shaver S500 is enough to incorporate everything you need. Your engine Dual gear Mabuchi 260 has enough power for the toughest beards: Its heads are made of surgical stainless steel.

A guy: you can change the speed by holding down the power button for one second to change “gears” between standard speed and high speed.

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Its blades possess 135 teeth grouped in six concentric circles. In 15 groups of double band, each group of blades rotates individually to achieve a wide tilt and rotation of 360º, covering “a 50% greater surface” compared to the sheets of a single band.

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In practice, this machine acts gently on the skin, without making it red, and can also be used on the legs and arms.

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These twin blades, as we see in the image, achieve a cleaner shave in fewer strokes, avoiding possible irritations. By means of the IFT suspension technology, the system recognizes the excess pressure and corrects it by means of a system of floating blades.

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Inside the body of the shaver, coated with anti-fingerprint rubber (PPG), the LED panel shows the amount of power remaining (a full charge guarantees 60 minutes of use), with a charging notice and a drop icon that serves as a reminder to recommend cleaning accumulated hair. To charge it we only need to connect it to the current through the USB type C cable included in the pack.

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The system also includes a lock button to prevent the shaver from being accidentally switched on when traveling.

For those who decide to take the leap, it is interesting to know that the entire head is removable and replaceable, if worn or damaged. Xiaomi sells this piece independently and can be ordered at any of the Mi Stores in our country.


To clean it, it is only necessary to rinse it under the tap: its waterproof body certified with IPX7 rating It guarantees that it can be used for wet shaving. In fact, it is recommended to use it with shaving foam to ensure closeness and comfort.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500


Yes OK its official price is 59.99 euros, it is very easy to find this razor for half its RRP. Currently, on Amazon you can get it for 29.99 euros.

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The sales pack includes a small cleaning brush and a protective cap for the head. The rigid body packaging can also be used for transportation. You see, quite complete and efficient. One of those ignored and essential products within the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500, Negro

Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500, Negro