This is the millionaire mansion that Cristiano Ronaldo builds for his retirement

Cristiano Ronaldo He is 37 years old, but age is not a worrying factor for the Portuguese player, since he maintains a enviable physique. However, together with Georgina Rodríguez, he already thinks about his retirement in the medium term, that’s why he decided to start a new project: build a millionaire mansion for her retirement.

Once the time to say goodbye to football arrived, Cristiano Ronaldo He will take refuge with Georgina and their children in a house that they are already building in his native Portugal and that has amazed his followers for the luxuries it will have.

How Cristiano Ronaldo’s next millionaire mansion?

In accordance with The Sun, the new home of the Portuguese crack was initially going to cost 10 million pounds. However, this value does not seem to be sufficient for the demands of the soccer player and his partner. As it turned out, the property will be built with the best materials, which would greatly increase its budget.

This is the luxurious and millionaire mansion that Cristiano Ronaldo builds from now on for his retirement from football
This is the luxurious and millionaire mansion that Cristiano Ronaldo builds from now on for his retirement from football (Photo: Instagram)

“He has striven for perfection throughout his football career and wants the same off the pitch. He wants everything to be okay for him and his family. He will retire there once his career comes to an end and he wants to be 100% happy with that.”commented a source close to the couple.

According to the same source, the initial value will be increased by another seven million pounds sterling (approximately 19.6 million euros).

“There have been some changes in the original project. But much of the price increase has to do with the rising cost of building materials. Everyone knows they have been shot. It is a problem that not only affects Portugal”is mentioned in the article.

Where is it located and what things will the new home of CR7 have?

Cristiano has selected the Quinta da Marinha on the Portuguese Riviera. The area corresponds to a rural neighborhood located in the Sintra-Cascaes Natural Park and which stands out for its spectacular views of the Atlantic.

In accordance with Four, the house will have a large garden with various types of plants, swimming pools inside and outside. As well as a large garage for the Portuguese to store his car collection. Additionally, it will have two adjoining buildings with all the comforts so that the friends or relatives of the couple who visit them can stay.