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Home Tech This is the most detailed image of the universe according to NASA

This is the most detailed image of the universe according to NASA

Exploring the universe has been one of man's most ambitious dreams, and although more planets have been found outside of our Solar System in recent years, there are still many things to discover.

However, thanks to the POT Now we can appreciate an image that includes nothing less than 265,000 galaxies, that is, the most detailed representation of the universe so far.

According to the US space agency, This was achieved thanks to more than 16 years of work by the Hubble Space Telescope, which captured more than 7,500 images to obtain this mosaic, called Hubble Legacy Field.

"Now that we have gone further than on previous occasions, we are collecting many more distant galaxies in the largest data set ever produced by Hubble," he said. Garth Illingworth, of the University of California, Santa Cruz, leader of the team that created the image.

"This image contains the complete history of the growth of galaxies in the universe, from their time as 'infants' until they became 'adults'," he added.

In particular, the image shows galaxies that were born 500 million years after the Big Bang. NASA published a video in which some of them can be viewed in zoom.

The colors of the photo cover limits that go beyond human vision, from ultraviolet light to near infrared, and contain galaxies 10,000 million times more imperceptible than our eyes can detect.

"We have assembled this mosaic as a tool to be used by us and by other astronomers," Illingworth added.

"The expectation is that this work will lead to an even more coherent, deeper and greater understanding of the evolution of the universe in the coming years," he said.


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