This is the new Ford Mondeo. But will it arrive in Europe in this form as well?

The Ford Mondeo successor is slowly approaching. He has already introduced himself in China, but at the moment it is still not clear whether such a car will arrive in Europe.

The Ford Mondeo has been an integral part of the brand’s European offering since the early 1990s; in 1992, the so-called mid-range model replaced the famous Sierra. But interest in the middle class has been declining for a long time, so the brand’s offer must evolve. It has been talked for a long time that Mondeo will replace crossover in European markets in the future. This is also indicated by Ford’s news for the Chinese market.

Already in the spring, the Ford Evos debuted in China, a cross-sized crossover that exactly meets today’s trends. But shortly after the premiere, the carmaker made it clear that Evos is a project for the Chinese market and will not arrive in Europe. Subsequently, the new Mondeo was not discussed for several months, which is now changing again. Patent photos of a new car redesigned for the most populous country in the world, called … Ford Mondeo, have leaked to the Internet.

The novelty is also a crossover, which follows in the stylistic footsteps indicated by the Evos model, with a majestic radiator grille and aggressively looking low headlights. But while Evos resembles an SUV or a station wagon, the now betrayed Mondeo has a three-dimensional sedan silhouette. This is not a typical sedan, due to the increased construction of the chassis.

It is the prototypes of this car that have been captured several times in recent weeks, and even designer sketches of this car have even leaked to the Internet recently. However, even after the leaks of photos of the real car, it is still unclear whether it is again just a project for China or a global model to replace Mondeo in Europe and its brother, Fusion in the US.

In any case, the introduced Mondeo is a 4,935 mm high, 1,875 mm wide and 1,500 mm high car, with a wheelbase of 2,945 mm. In contrast to the previous Mondeo known in Europe, the Chinese novelty has grown. The existing Mondeo is 4,869 mm long, with a wheelbase of 2,850 mm.

For the Chinese market, a single engine is planned, in the form of a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with a volume of two liters, which is tuned to 175 kW. Production for China will be provided by the Changan-Ford plant in Chongqing. By the way, the premium Lincoln Zephyr will also use the same base, but its lower construction will be closer to classic sedans.

Ford has previously announced that production of the existing Mondeo for Europe will end in the spring of 2022. It is still unclear how close the successor will be to the Chinese model. But there is also the possibility of reducing the car for European markets.