This is the novelty of Instagram to send notes to your followers

the platform of Instagram is continually making changes and including news for its users. The last thing you added are the notes, some text states up to 60 characters in which each user of Instagram can anchor to your profile.

Stock image of notes, some text states up to 60 characters AS

with these notes you can leave short messages to friends and followers, if you want to know how it works here we will tell you all about this novelty.

What is Instagram Notes for?

The notes of Instagram is something similar to the fusion between a story and a tweet. The main function is based on the possibility of send a short message a person followers or those you have included as your best friends and have this show up in the message tray during a limited time.

The company realized that people were looking for faster ways to share ideas with his closest circle, and for this reason he devised this new method.

With this function, users will be able to leave a note without having to send it to one by one. If you still haven’t received this news on your mobile, you will have to wait a bit or update the app.