We have all gone through that moment in which we unexpectedly lose our connection to the internet and to wait for the signal to arrive we play with T Rex, the dinosaur that dodges cacti and birds in the desert.

A week ago Dino Chrome celebrated four years of existence and did so with a very original revelation: the origin of this game so entertaining that it aims to survive until the internet returns.

The developers of this game: Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel and Alan Bettes They revealed in an interview to Google why they decided to create T Rex.

A few years ago, the Chrome team realized that Downtime does not have to be a disappointment. "There's nothing fun about unplugging, unless you have a friendly T-Rex to keep you company," explains engineer Edward Jung about the motivation behind the offline Dino game from Chrome.

Originally the game was launched in early September 2014, but had problems to function, so its developers did a rewrite that ended in December of that year.

Initially called Project Bolan, a reference to the last vocalist of the glam band of the 70s T-Rex, Marc Bolan.

According to Edward Jung, Dino Chrome is played around 270 million times a month, both on desktop computers and on mobile devices.

You can also play with T Rex with your internet connection in chrome: // dino.

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