This is the personality of each person, according to blood type

Not all cultures are the same and that means that variables such as ideologies, practices or beliefs have points for or against. An example of this occurs in Japan, because in this part of the world it is considered that the blood type of a subject could determine her personality.

According to data compiled by the Japan Today media, most people know their blood type, but there are foreigners who do not have the slightest idea about it and that amazes the inhabitants of the Asian country.

The surprise is that for the Japanese blood has a certain affinity and personality. In this sense, it is normal that in a daily talk in this territory one wonders about the red liquid that is found in the body and is essential for life. Even, according to the aforementioned portal, There are cases in which women choose their husband according to the type of blood that runs through their veins.

There are several literary creations that address the issue of the relationship between personality and blood, one of them is A, B, O, AB gata jibun no setsumeisho (A guide to blood types A, B, O, AB; in Spanish).

The work, which has achieved significant sales in Japan, was written by the author who goes by the pseudonym Jamais Jamais.

Japan Today shares the theme addressed in the book, which has as its central axis ways of being from consanguinity.

The blood is responsible for transporting glucose around the body. Photo: Getty images. – Foto: Foto: Getty images.
  • Personality of people with type A blood

They are characterized as beings who understand and know how to understand others. Thus, the book states that they are hospitable, they don’t like to fight and they even prefer not to express themselves to avoid arguments. In addition, feeling satisfied is a priority for subjects with this blood type, so they do not take a step without finishing another, they are also meticulous, they like cleanliness, they know how to take responsibility and they try more than they should.

  • Personality of people with type B blood

They are subjects who follow their own path and do what seems most convenient to them without having to go to the approval of others. Jointly, they are considered as “the masters of breaking the rules”, since their nonchalance reflects the lack of understanding the other’s feelings. However, they are also optimistic, think flexible, like to play games and fall in love several times. Regarding the latter, their greatest fear is that of being alone in the world.

According to psychologists, personality is the set of traits and qualities that someone develops and by which they are commonly known. – Foto: Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • Personality of people with type AB blood

The aforementioned literary work states that these people stand out because They like to chase their dreams at any cost, but to achieve it, they try to maintain serenity and spirituality in every action they perform. In addition, their personality is calm and rational, they are sensitive and that makes them an easy target to hurt, they like to learn, understand new topics, study and bring creative ideas to any conversation. In fact, they are cataloged as “the bookworms”.

  • Personality of people with type O blood

People with this blood type they are realistic and know how to deal very well with economic issues. Added to this, they try to give and receive energy all the time to later be used, with force, in moments of tension or adversities that arise along the way. Similarly, they are known to be romantic, ambitious, craving riches in large quantities, they have the ability to lead masses and take care of their own.