This is the reason why planes are not allowed to fly over the Kaaba Airplane mode of transportation is one of the practical and fast means of transportation.

Traveling the distance from one country to another can be reached in a faster time than using land transportation.

However, it turns out that not all places can be crossed by planes. There are some places that can’t and can’t be crossed.

One of them is the Kabah, a sacred building in the Grand Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia which is the qibla of prayer, pilgrimage and umrah for Muslims.

So, why are planes not allowed to fly over the Kaaba? Is it because of the strong magnetic field?

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The reason the plane can’t cross the Kaaba

The reason planes are not allowed to fly over the Kaaba is not because of the magnetic field in the Kaaba.

Institute of Physics of the Globe of Paris (IPGP) senior researcher Julian Aubert said that the earth has a magnetic field, but it is not located in the Grand Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The presence of a magnetic field can indeed interfere with flight, but does not necessarily prevent aircraft from flying or passing over it.

“Magnetic interference doesn’t prevent the aircraft from flying. They can only interfere with the compass, but the aircraft is clearly using a more modern geolocation system,” Aubert said. Fact Check AFP.

The French National Airline Pilots Association (SNPL) said that the ban on flying over the Kaaba was due to religious or belief reasons.

According to him, the ban on crossing as a form of respect for the Kaaba which is a holy place for Muslims.

“The ideological reasons and respect for the Kaaba,” said SNPL.

SNPL added that Mecca, especially the Kaaba, is considered a holy place that only Muslims can enter. This includes the airspace above it.

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The rules of the Saudi Arabian aviation authority

As reported from the flight requirements document and general aircraft operation from the Saudi Arabian Aviation Authority (GACA), there are flight restrictions near certain mosques.

These mosques, among others, refer to the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

No one may operate an aircraft over or in the vicinity of any area that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques or other public figures will visit or pass through in contravention of the limits set by the President and published in NOTAM ,the contents of the restriction rules.

NOTAM or Notice to Airmen itself is a notification that aims to provide information in an effort to smooth flight operations, security, and safety.

Through the NOTAM website, it is informed which places are prohibited from flying and the reasons for the ban.

However, the Saudi Arabian government’s ban is excluded for safety reasons or for emergency reasons.

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In line with the SNPL statement, the ban on flights over Mecca is associated with a ban on non-Muslims from entering this holy city.

Reporting from UAE Moments, the existence of flights means allowing non-Muslims to pass over the skies of the city of Mecca.

In addition, although it is visited by pilgrims from all over the world, the city of Mecca also does not have an airport.

The nearest airport is in Jeddah, which is about 90 km from the city of Mecca.

The reason is, still from the same source, the airport will only make Mecca full of crew and passengers in transit.

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