This is the reason why tires must be straight when the car is parked

SOLO, – Not only ensuring the safety of the surroundings, when parking the car, the driver should also pay attention to its position, including the tires.

Not a few think that if the wrong parking position, especially the part of the tire that is not straight, will affect the durability of the components, namely: power steering.

Then, is it true that a misaligned front tire can damage? power steering?

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Bambang Supriyadi, Executive Coordinator Technical Service of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) said that the position of car tires straight when parking does not function is to prevent damage. power steeringbut more to facilitate access to move vehicles in a limited parking area.

Dok. Shutterstock Illustration of a car tire.

“Parking straight or oblique tires has no effect. Only the straight steering position when parking makes it easier to move or push,” said Bambang to, recently.

For this reason, it is better for car drivers to position parking with completely straight tires so that the parking space can accommodate more vehicles.

“The parking area is minimal, especially in big cities, there are many parallel parking cars, so they often cover other cars,” he said.

Bambang ensured that there was no link between the steering wheel that had to be straight and the potential for damage to the parts power steering.

What’s more, new cars or those that are young have adopted technology electric power steering. Thus, the position of the tires will not affect the durability of the car components.

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“Parking straight or tilted tires will have no effect on current output cars. Because the car’s steering system already adheres to electric power steering (EPS),” he said.

Car Parking Position in Parking LotDicky Aditya Wijaya Car Parking Position in Parking Lot

According to Bambang, the EPS drive motor works after receiving an electric power supply from the command electronic control unit (ECU).

In other words, this feature only works when the car engine is running or in the running position. So EPS relies on an electronic motor to put pressure on the rack steer.

This technology is much different from older cars that still adopt the system power steering hydraulic.

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“So there is no effect on parking with straight or tilted tires, because when the engine is off there is no distribution of power to the ECU or other electrical devices,” he added.

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