This is the reason why you should not put your arm between the wheel of a car and a dynamometer


The new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 of 2019, with its 755 horses, is a car great to try in the dynamometer . It has a monstrous factory power, but since it can lose some power it means that that number does not arrive intact to the wheels. He dynamometer it helps determine how much power the car loses, although it can also make a person almost lose his arm. This is what happens when you do not change the oil in your car Changing the oil in the car is not a whim, it is a must to keep your car in good condition … Read more Read That’s what happened when a Corvette ZR1 was being tested on a dynamometer recently, and an assistant’s arm was sucked under the wheel. The mishap with the dynamometer happened on May 5 at a workshop called Weapon X in Cincinnati, United States, according to the YouTube channel Viral Hog . The channel pays for this type of video to be sent to them, and the person who sent it told the channel that the man whose arm went under the car was trying to clean a small wheel with a broom. The broom was trapped and was sucked, next to the man’s arm, under the wheel of the car. Those who observed what was happening seem to be laughing after the man who almost loses his arm stands up, but our companions Jalopnik They have contacted the workshop to confirm that they did not suffer any serious injury (and that the accident did happen there). The tests on the dynamometer are very useful and informative, but try to stay safe when you do them. In addition, you can also avoid being the one to clean the wheels before the test.


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