This is the smart bra that detects breast tumors

Is named UBRA and it is a bra that seeks to revolutionize the world of science thanks to technology. Its objective is to monitor changes in the breasts that can be used to detect breast cancer and other breast diseases early.

It is proven that early diagnosis of the disease supposes a greater percentage of improvement with respect to the condition and, therefore, a greater survival. To do this, research works with prevention methods, and this bra project has won the entrepreneurship promotion program Explorer 2022 of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona.


The team that has worked on the project is led by the Medicine student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Marina Sanchez Calleja. She has worked with nine other fellow researchers: Sara Peláez, Sofya Abramchuck, Andrea Amorós, Helena Garví, Blanca Méndez, Selene Gil, Martina Llorens, Mary Cruz Hernáiz.y Mercè Bonjorn.

This is how the UBRA smart bra works

This is a bra collects information on morphological and physiological changes of who carries it through ultrasonic, mechanical and thermal sensors. This translates into data that is sent via bluetooth to an application capable of analyzing it and detecting alterations related to these diseases.

It is a method that seeks to promote health services and programs for women, facilitating the way for them to stop the disease in time. According to the company, UBRA “improves the current screening and prevention system”, in addition to avoiding “overdiagnosis and overtreatment” and having a lower cost, providing more independence to patients and opening the range of detection to a greater range of age.

They also claim that the product does not emit radiation that could otherwise affect women who use it, and that it is “painless.”