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The U12 World Cup Baseball Tournament has been held since 2011 and is held every two years. This year, the game was held at the Tainan Asia Pacific International Baseball Training Center. Due to the severe epidemic last year, the event originally held in 2021 was postponed to this year, and a total of 11 countries participated in the event. In the end, the championship this year was won by the strong American team, but the spotlight outside the field was focused on the South African team, because their young players perfectly interpreted the true meaning of “Lele Baseball”!

South African dancer Kyle Griebenow, #14

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In addition to watching the game on the baseball field, the most eye-catching is the cheerleading team. Not only the audience, but even the young players couldn’t help dancing with the cheerleading team. Kyle Griebenow, the catcher from the South African team, danced with the cheerleading team on the sidelines, making the Taiwanese audience straight. Called “so cute”, and immediately became a fan. The dancing video went viral on the Internet and was uploaded to TikTok. Unexpectedly, the wild Otani Shohei left a message at the bottom: “What a good Dancer”, it happened that Griebenow’s favorite player was Otani Shohei who played for the Angels in MLB. Griebenow Said: “He (Otani) is the best player I have ever seen.” I didn’t expect to be praised by idols for dancing. Even Dagu praised it, come and see the dance of this teenager, how much do you give?

Griebenow’s father is the head coach of the South African team, Ian Griebenow. Because of his father’s relationship, he has been playing baseball since he was 6 years old. And this is his first time to Taiwan. On the rare day off during the game, he also went to Tainan for sightseeing. He ate a lot of snacks, his favorite dumplings, sushi, and bubble tea. He also met many fans who would encourage him face to face. , Griebenow believes that Taiwanese fans are very friendly, which makes him feel the enthusiasm of Taiwanese fans.

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Griebenow (left) dancing in the auditorium wearing Chinese team clothes

South African cute smiley king Sithembiso Chuma, #17

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Image source: provided by the club

Then there is South Africa’s starting left-hander Sithembiso Chuma. This time, it is not to introduce his skills, but the melting and lovely “smile” on his face. Seeing Chuma’s smile can instantly forget the unhappy things, and it also makes him feel at ease. This event is very popular, and his signature smile has captured the hearts of many fans. Chuma, who was welcomed by fans for the first time in Taiwan, was a little shy, but he still responded to the enthusiastic fans and said, “Thank you Taiwanese audience for their support, liking me, and I love you. “. Chuma dedicated his first experience abroad to Taiwan. He admitted that he likes to visit Taiwan’s sporting goods stores the most, and he also bought a new pair of sunglasses.

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Compared with other players, Chuma looks “small”. His height is currently only 138 cm. In this game, he not only pitched the ball, but also worked hard to catch the ball in the field. In the game against Panama, He went over the wall to catch a fly ball, and although he didn’t catch the ball and hit a home run, he still had a smile on his face. Chuma’s favorite player is Shohei Otani, like the dance king Griebenow. Although he is also a second-hand swordsman, he prefers to be a pitcher.

This time South Africa went to Taiwan for the game, the players had to raise more than NT$40,000 for their travel expenses. Chuma, who came from a poorer family, almost couldn’t come to Taiwan this time because of “insufficient funds”. The South African coach said that although local baseball is not very popular in South Africa , but this time I led the team to Taiwan, hoping that players from poor families like Chuma would not be buried, so that the world could see his performance. Chuma also showed the Taiwan audience that he was not trapped by life. Smiling and enjoying the game can also bring super positive energy to everyone.

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Also on the scene: Colin Anderson, #12

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After watching the two super cute and lovely South African players, followed by the menacing US team, from the perspective of height, the “Hancao” of the current U12 US team is generally very good, and their height is not higher than that of other countries. Little, this time the U.S. team won the championship with a complete victory and never lost a game. Even in the championship game against the powerful Venezuela, it still beat Venezuela with a 10:2 strength, and the entire U.S. team knocked Out of 12 hits, including 4 homers, 2 of them were arranged by the current MVP winner Colin Anderson, showing super ferocious long-hitting ability, so he is known as the “weird man”.

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American teenager Colin Anderson hit 7 hits in this game, and even showed a terrible result of “7 RBIs in a single game” in the battle against South Korea. This is not only the first time in Anderson’s personal career, but also the single-game record of the U12 team of the US team. Anderson said: “It feels great, it’s a great experience to have seven RBIs in Taiwan.” Team USA head coach Ray Farrell also praised Anderson for being a rare player at this level. In particular, Anderson was “pressing the line” this time until July to be selected for the U12 US team. His bat was particularly “hot” during the training camp, so he had a hunch that he would have a good performance this time.

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In addition to being the MVP, Anderson also won the best outfielder and home run king. He is the person with the most long-hitting firepower. He hit 10 hits in 18 hits, including 7 homers, with a batting average of 56%! One of the hits in the championship game also set the farthest shot in his career. It flew directly to the scaffolding that was still under construction on the opposite side of the court. It is too exaggerated that a U12 player can have such a long-hitting power!

After reading these cute and powerful teenagers, have you been fanned? The U.S. team performed well in this competition, with 6 players among the best 11 players, especially Anderson’s strength is more like “from different levels”. In contrast, although the South African team was completely defeated on the record table, not even winning a game or scoring a point, their players actually showed the spirit of a young player, which is more lethal than “seeking victory or defeat”. The young players fully experience and enjoy the fun of playing, and let the children really like baseball from the bottom of their hearts. From the dance of the little dance king Griebenow full of enthusiasm, as well as Chuma’s smile, we all feel the pure happiness that children of this age should have.

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Photography: chrisports_

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