This is the Spotify ‘playlist’ that reveals your personality and makes you cry

Written in TRENDS the 24/11/2022 · 13:15 hs

If you feel like crying and getting to know your personality more thoroughly, Users on social networks have shared a Spotify ‘playlist’ that promises to give you a message with which you will identify.

In the program Know yourself: Enneagramthe presenters Andrea Vargas and Adelaida Harrison share the best tips for understanding this system, so we explain how to reveal this part of your life through a song.

What is the enneagram?

this tool It serves to self-know and classify people to achieve good personal development. It is a map that has nine personality typesknown as enetypesbeing mental models that help to analyze the behavior of each person.

In this way, it can be applied to have better motivation, awareness, confidence, as well as enhance the virtues of each person.

To use it, you need to know that there are nine enneatypes which are described below:

  • Aeneastype 1: Here are those who are more demanding, perfectionists, but when they don’t get what they want, they feel frustrated.
  • Aeneastype 2: in this are classified those who have a great taste for helping others, without realizing that they are not looking after themselves.
  • Aeneastype 3: Within this we find those who want and achieve personal success, the bad thing is that they tend to be narcissistic.
  • Aeneastype 4: All those introverted and individualistic people who need the attention of the people around them are classified here.
  • Aeneastype 5: in this type are located those who are usually distant and not very expressive; however, they have great rational abilities.
  • Aeneastype 6: within this are insecure people, but who are also responsible and reliable.
  • Aeneastype 7: These are the happiest people who seek the pleasures of life.
  • Aeneastype 8: are all those who are strong and proud.
  • Aeneastype 9: Here are the people who seek to be ignored by society and who are irresponsible.
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The Spotify playlist that will make you cry

The Twitter user @marcogmusica explained that this trend was found in TikTok and gave the whole process to find it on Spotify.

The first step is to take the Enneagram can do it in this linkjust keep in mind that it is in English, so we recommend you translate it.

You must answer in the most sincere way so that your result is certain. In the end, You will have a number, it will be your enneatype.

when you get it, you will have to go to the playlistwhich you can find herelook for it and listen to the song, which will give you a special message for you, which promises to make you cry.

The artist behind this creation is Sleeping At Lastan author originally from Chicago who his name is actually Ryan O’Neal. His music can be found in series and movies like Grey’s Anatomy, Twilight, American Idol, Station 19 or Criminal Minds.

Learn more about your personality and this Spotify playlist by listening Know yourself: Enneagram every Saturday at 12:00 pm on MVS on 102.5 FM.