“This is the verdict of Poroshenko”: the Head of Ukraine was derided for “road” revelations


Kiev , May 17, 2018 , 18:12 – REGNUM Today, May 17, during a working visit to the Dnepropetrovsk region, the president Petro Poroshenko visited the construction site of the second stage of the bypass road around the city of the Dnieper (as Dnipropetrovsk is now called in Ukraine), the correspondent reports. REGNUM. At the briefing, Poroshenko said that large-scale repair of roads in the Dnepropetrovsk region and in Ukraine as a whole became possible due to the decentralization and efficiency of local authorities. “Many roads are built at the expense of the region. This year more than 50% of the consolidated budget of Ukraine will be financed by local budgets. And these are roads, schools, kindergartens, and illuminated streets. Where local power is effective, where it invests, repairs, builds, residents have the opportunity to assess all the advantages of decentralization ” , – the president noted. He also commented on the prospects for the construction of the Dnepropetrovsk-Kiev highway, announcing a “breakthrough” – the first 12 km of the road (of about 430 km) should be built as early as this year. “The construction or major repair of the road in the direction of Kiev is something that the Dnipropetrovsk residents dreamed of for years. However, for 26 years and did not wait for construction, – said Poroshenko. The public and experts took the president’s statements traditionally negative. “Peter Poroshenko came to the Dnipropetrovsk region to inspect the road repairs. It is unclear why he flew by plane. An inspection motor rally from Kiev to the Dnieper would give much more information for consideration, – Asked a public figure Olga Paliy . Another public figure, Vadim Fulhamt, outraged by Poroshenko’s words about the “breakthrough”: “Between Kiev and the Dnieper is about 500 km, and here it is proposed to be proud of a section of the road 12 (!) Km, which will only be (no, not even be – but should be!) Built before the end of the year (!!!)”. Summary of “road” statements of the president of Ukraine brings in his Facebook political scientist Sergey Gayday . “Do you know what is the final sentence for the president about the funeral of hopes for a second term? This is when they do not criticize, do not troll, do not blame. This is when just stubutsya. And – with and without reason. When everything is already clear with this character, it’s not interesting and certainly not scary. How was it with Yanukovych, in memory? Do you remember Yushchenko last year? ” – the political expert comments. REGNUM recalls that on May 15 Poroshenko was laughed at for his pathetic participation in the opening of a new feldsher-midwife station with official housing in the village of Bodenky, Vyshgorodsky district of the Kiev region. On the same day at the same time, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin opened the Crimean bridge.


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