This is the world’s first solar-powered car (and it hits the roads later this year)

Lightyear, a high-tech company founded in 2016, has just created the world’s first solar-powered car. The Lightyear 0 is a vehicle with a futuristic design, but it may be closer to driving on our roads than you can imagine. The idea is even that the model starts to be produced in the autumn and that it reaches the first owner in November.

Powered by solar energy, the roof is covered by 5 square meters of solar panels, which allow charging while traveling or even when parked. It has a consumption of 10.5kWh per 100 km, and the panels can supply for 70 km per day, having a range of 625 km WLTP. For an average trip of 35 kilometers per day, it is possible to drive for up to seven months in Portugal or Spain, without having to charge any socket. In a country like the Netherlands, this period drops to about two months.

As a sustainable car, its interior was also designed with the environment in mind. It’s vegan, ecological, the leather of the seats is made from plants and the fabrics from recycled PET bottles. The outer panels are also made from reused carbon.

This first model will be produced in Europe, a total of 946 units, and will have a cost of 250 thousand euros. The objective is that the next model, scheduled for the end of 2024 and beginning of 2025, which is being planned to have a greater production, has a base price of 30 thousand euros.

See some photos of the innovative Lightyear 0, in the gallery:

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