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This Is Us producer of Randall's campaign, Beth's blow-up and Kevin's assumptions

In this week This is usTwo Pearson spouses changed roles as both Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) had their best impression of Jack Pearson and were the rock for their respective spouses: Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) saw herself growing Feeling vulnerable after losing her job, and Toby (Chris Sullivan) continued to struggle after taking the cold turkey off his medication. Meanwhile, Kevin (Justin Hartley) became even more obsessed with his father's mysterious photo and a young Vietnamese woman who even drove to Philly to analyze the problem with Randall.

"Kamsahamnida," a reference to the only sentence Randall knows in Korean, was a clue to the past or the future. Instead, he focused on developments in the present and on a boxing metaphor involving Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Randall. After finding out that Jack is occasionally with other men (even earning a black eye), Rebecca (Mandy Moore) forbids Jack to do it again – but soon the young Randall asks his father to teach him how to get himself defend against a fabricated tyrant. It turned out that Randall was just looking for a way to be "tougher" like Jack.

Nowadays, Randall uses his father's boxing advice to hit his opponent Sol Brown (Rob Morgan), where it hurts, while Brown only smiles to hide his pain. Having been killed with friendliness at a performance in Sol's church, Randall decides to try a new tactic: to win Korean voters who did not prevail in the last election. The politically motivated system is immediately transparent to many in the neighborhood, but Randall deserves an important ally in Jae-Won (Tim Jo), his new campaign manager.

Meanwhile, Beth tries to keep it together while helping her kids sell Boy Scout cookies. Eventually she tells Randall that she is not feeling well, which makes him sing her praises as if he was in love with a Disney movie before she was convinced to join his campaign team. Kate tries to help Toby find his way forward, but her efforts are hampered when her dog Audio Eats a Stone. But it's Kate's turn to get through, so she finally persuades Toby to go for a walk with her, assuring him that she has nowhere to go with a "till we die" editorial.

Kevin's Vietnamese obsession, and the assumption that the mysterious woman was romantically involved with Jack, led him to place Zoe (Melanie Liburd) with a visa application during her post-doc spa day – he goes to Vietnam (with Randall's blessing) for more Learn about his father, and he wants her to come with him. As we know from last season's flash forward, she says yes and the wheels are on the move to take them overseas.

This is us Producer Isaac Aptaker intensively studied EW and examined the series' tendency to endanger fictional dogs. As Aptaker answers questions about Randall's campaign slippups and new team members, let's drop the wallpaper over and over again, which means Kate's big talk for her and Toby's future, and when Beth might win on her own terms.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We get more and more pieces about Nicky's life. We know Jack did not tell his family much about his brother [played by Michael Angarano]But here he tells Rebecca this beautiful story about how they used to punch as children. Will we see later that Rebecca may have known more about Nicky than we thought she did?
We'll find out everything Rebecca knew about Nicky. I do not think it's a ton. I love this moment, and part of what makes it so special is that Jack was so protected even in this incredibly intimate marriage when it came to talking about his immediate family. Here and there he offered little snippets. That was a real answer to Rebecca's frustration of how closed Jack is. She may know a bit more than she has already said, but it's really something where he has not talked much about him, and she does not have much insight into that part of her husband's life, even if they are not close

Toby and Beth were the stones for their respective spouses, and now we see them admitting some weakness and seeking support from Kate and Randall. Did they turn the corner in each of their cases or did we only see the beginning of their bouts this season?
Especially with Toby, depression is so common and affects everyone in our writer's room, either directly or through someone they know. That's why it was very important for us to portray this honestly and to tell it on an honest timeline. We should not make a story in which Toby is in a depressive episode for a week and has a pill the next week and that's what he was after. It's a fight, and there's a process to it. What I love so much about his story is that Kate has the chance to be the rock for Toby. He is so often the one who is there for her. And I love giving Chrissy the chance to play the partner who must be the man who complains to her husband.

Kate gives Toby a big talk about staying by his side, no matter what happens to be in illness and health, for better or for worse, forever. Should we read in this speech as an indication of the progress we saw Toby without her and his wedding ring? That only the worst circumstances could have separated them?
Oh interesting. I think she's talking right now and she's not a prophet and she can not say what's going to happen in a marriage. So that's a view. Or it could just be that things took a turn and reached a point where she did not feel that way anymore.

Can we be sure that audio is alright? You guys love to put dogs in mortal danger and pull them out at the last minute.
[[[[laughs]This destroys me more than anything else. I can sob from zero to 60. You show me a clip of a dog, I can not handle it. I will do everything in my power to ensure that no dogs on our show are fictionally hurt.

Eventually, Randall supports Kevin's need to learn more about her father's time in Vietnam, but at first he seems to be really hesitant. Where does it come from? And if Kevin learns more, Randall does not want to know what he finds?
Randall is the Pearson who is most at peace with Jack. He does not feel like he has much luggage. They had some really nice closures. It's very scary when your brother comes to you and says, "Hey, I want to open the closet and see what skeletons are there. I'd like to start asking questions and really looking for things we do not know about Dad that maybe he did not want us to know or was not the most comfortable thing. Randall's initial response is, "Let's just leave it alone. He's a great man, we finally found closure as a family, Kate spread the ashes and let sleeping dogs lie. "But at the end of the episode, he realizes he has to let Kevin go on this journey. Just as Randall has been scouring our entire series to find out his identity and my past, he must leave this discovery to Kevin.

Kevin seems to be convinced that this mysterious woman has a romantic relationship with Jack. How accurate is his assumption?
It is such an ambiguous picture. It's a young, tight-lipped jack standing next to a beautiful Vietnamese woman, and he finally inherited the jewelry at her neck. If it were my father, I would probably think that love was in the air, but that's his first interpretation. He will go for a real search to get answers.

Jack has all this metaphor about a boxing opponent who smiles so you do not know how much you hurt him, which is related to Randall in Sol Brown's office. Is it right to say that Randall's tactics hit Sol where it hurts, even when he smiles through the pain?
Oh yeah. At first, he underestimated Randall a little. When the guy who's been in this community for over a decade, and Randall as a rich guy from Alpine, New Jersey, with a rather weak connection to this community through William, I do not think he's worried at all. And then Randall shows a certain political know-how in this episode and hires this ambitious, young campaign manager. And suddenly Sol Brown goes: "Uhhhhh, maybe I have to worry about this here."

Randall struggles in a series of places without really thinking: last week on the barbecue and now Korean voters. His heart is in the right place, but his actions are clearly politically motivated. Does he still need to drop a hook before he recognizes his approach? Or will his new campaign manager effectively recalibrate things?
The campaign manager is a big step forward for Randall, but it's not like he's got an experienced campaign manager. He gets a handsome young man. Randall has only been in this political stage for a few weeks, so both have much to learn. There is still much to talk about, with many surprises for both our audience and Randall, which are exactly the challenges facing the city council.

Beth joins the Randall campaign team. Is that really the answer to her stress and what is she going through? She has already supported so many of Randall's ambitions. Or does this add more tension to your relationship?
On the one hand, it really does matter in Beth's know-how. She was a city planner. In a way, she knows much more about how she works for city council and city politics than Randall. He is absolutely sincere when he says that he thinks she will be amazing. But it's also in Randall's team. It's her support for Randall's dream. It's not their branching and says, "That's what I'm going to do." It says, "So I'll help you to do what you want." It's a delicate balance, and it could certainly get frustrated

Will we see her getting her own Rockstar moment that is not in the service of Randall? I love how much they support each other, but will we see that they get their own victory?
One hundred percent. We're finishing a script for an episode immersed in Beth's backstory. We will occupy a young Susan. Susan is such a rock star and was so amazing to us. She will definitely have her time in the limelight to support her husband's dream.

What can Jae-Won bring to the campaign? What will we see from both him and Beth in the coming weeks?
Jae-Won is the best. He is this actor, Tim Jo, the Elizabeth [Berger] and then [Fogelman] and I have all worked with this show we did at ABC The neighbours, He is a really funny actor. He is a really interesting actor. He has a very different energy than Sterling. He plays such an interesting slide for him. Here we have two men, both of whom are not very experienced in politics and who start this campaign together, and both are real forces in their own way. They will bump heads. They will support each other, but he's with Randall to win it. We have much more to say about this weird coupling that we have here.

Kevin admits he has borderline problems and then turns up with a visa application in Zoe's hotel room. We knew she would say yes because of the Flash forward, but what changed for her? A few weeks ago she would probably have chewed him for this gig, yes?
I think she was a little upset. I think it also means falling in love with someone who accepts their weaknesses and annoying behavior because they love that person. I also think that she is really excited. Remember, Zoe is a documentary filmmaker and someone here who offers to take her with him, which could be a truly incredible story. It appeals to both her love for Kevin and her intellectual curiosity.

Generally speaking, This is us does not become political. But it was a great impetus for voter registration when a real election is coming up. Was that intentional?
At the time of the episode, we did not know exactly what it would look like because we had broken that before we got our exact flight plan. But I do not think I should tell people that they want to vote – it's political, but it's not biased. We try to provide one hour a week in which we do not share the land because right now in our lives it's all about what's right and what he said She said and thought very divisive. So in terms of partiality, we do not get into this kind of politics, but I do not think there is some disagreement in getting people to vote. What this country builds on and what makes it amazing is our ability to select our leaders and how we feel about the issues that matter to us. This is a message This is us can come to the conclusion that you have a voice and should use it.

Can you be curious about what's in store in the next episode in two weeks?
In two weeks we will make one of my favorite episodes of the year. We have just returned from Vietnam where we shot a handful of these episodes, including part of this one. There are three different road trips. We will pick up with Jack and Rebecca, where we stopped in their early commercial break, with them on the way to LA. We will go back to Jack's time in Vietnam and tell him some kind of round trip story over there. And we'll continue with Zoe and Kevin's story about their arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, so it's a really cool episode. It's the same everywhere in terms of time and place, but the stories are really nice together. I can not wait for people to see it.

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