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This Monday the program This is war (America Television) presented two tails of Warriors Mexico to face Warriors Puerto Rico: Matías Ochoa and Azul Granton. The first participant is an Argentine who wants the championship to stay in our territory.

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“Thank you very much for welcoming me, I had never known Peru and I want to try Peruvian ceviche. I was in Combate Guatemala 2 years ago, I reached 19 years old. I’m jumping like a ‘little frog’ “he said after entering the program.


Matias Ochoa He is Argentine by birth but already Mexicanized, as he stated in an interview with From Puebla. He moved to the North American country to seek a north as an actor until the call came to participate in Warriors Mexico.

“To begin with, it is the country of stars, the country of actors, the country of everything, so I would like to continue growing as an artist in this great country and continue growing as a person”, commented.

Matias Ochoa He recalled that he entered the Mexican reality show, through a casting, and thanked the public who asked for it in Warriors Mexico.

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“The truth is that the public of Guerreros was asking me a lot for the casting. The production company agreed to give me the opportunity to do the casting, I entered with everything and luckily it was possible to win, we continue to fight and happy to continue participating in Guerreros ”, Indian.

Matias Ochoa has been in Mexico this year after being in Guatemala and is now in our country as a participant of This is war.

Matías Ochoa started as a youtuber in his native San Luis, Argentina. (Instagram)


In an interview with Fran Vidal Shows in 2016, Matias Ochoa He was considered a youtuber who worked as Head of the Young Change Commitment Area in the Secretary of State for Youth, an organism of the Provincial State of San Luis, in Argentina.

At the age of 15, he started in the world of YouTube when he bought a cell phone. “I had bought a cell phone, I was bored and it occurred to me to record a video playback of a One Direction song. I got it up and they fenced me off, they told me I was never going to get anywhere. So, I rowed it and that motivated me to continue making great videos “, commented.

Then, little by little, he learned more about how to be youtuber although he was not clear about it.

“I was not sure what it was like to be a youtuber, I just wanted to appear on camera so that in the future, when I am 30 years old, I can see what a kid was like. Luckily, I will be able to see the videos and it makes me very happy “, said.

That same year he competed with youtubers from Argentina and won a contest on the Uplay Network program, broadcast on Telefé.

“All this started because I wanted to be an actor, I watched the Disney Channel series and it seemed cute to me. I took some theater classes and I would love to go back to develop that part ”, concluded.

In 2016, Matías Ochoa forced his ex-girlfriend to go out in an intimate video.  (Instagram)
In 2016, Matías Ochoa forced his ex-girlfriend to go out in an intimate video. (Instagram)


After becoming known as a youtuber, Matías Ochoa was involved in a scandal when he appeared in a video with his girlfriend naked, even though she asked him not to, and it sparked a political scandal in San Luis.

The Argentine had been named in the Young Change Commitment Area of ​​San Luis after rising to fame for his videos on YouTube. The work of the current participant of This is war It consisted of entertaining the public during government acts called La Previa.

The Argentine was recorded naked, next to him, embraced, a girl without clothes who implored him not to be taken by the camera. The insistence of Matias Ochoa made the young woman look in the foreground and not only that, the ex Warriors Mexico was in charge of distributing it and making the images go viral.

In the end, there was no penalty for Matías Ochoa, who then continued on his way to Guatemala, Mexico and now Peru.




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