This is what happened to Samantha Jones

We were all more than disappointed to hear that Samantha won’t be in the “Sex and the City” reboot. The series makers therefore also had to think about something for the storyline. A source now revealed details about what will happen to our favorite character in the script.

The time will come on December 9th and we will finally be able to stream the series on Sky.

That’s what happened to Samantha in the “Sex and the City” reboot

It was painful when we found out that our favorite character Samantha Jones would not be part of the new edition of the iconic series * sniff *. How should it go on without her ?! In order to evade the anger of the series fans, the series makers have apparently come up with a plausible story. Because a New York in which Samantha coexists with Carrie, Charlotte and Mirandawithout them seeing each other, of course, that doesn’t work. This is not possible in any scenario!

A source told the Daily Mail how the scriptwriters have solved the problem with Samantha’s absence. “We couldn’t let Samantha walk around New York Citywithout the other women having anything to do with her. It just wouldn’t have made any sense. Sending her to Los Angeles wasn’t an option either, as we did that in the first film, ”the anonymous source said.

Samantha moved to Europe

To let Samantha die too would have been far too drastic and implausible. We fans would definitely not have been satisfied with that! So the hope that she would return one day would definitely have died. And hand on heart: Each of us secretly hopes that she will suddenly appear again!

So to keep the fans happy, the series makers send Samantha Jones to another continent: Europe. “Your figure to be shipped to London was really the perfect way to keep her alive and explain her absence, ”explains the source.

So we fans can still cling to the little glimmer of hope that Samantha’s male stories play a role again will. Some insiders also reveal that Carrie would like to make peace with Samantha after the end of the first season of “And just like that”. So we can be curious to see what really happened between the friends.